Class FieldExpandableODE<T extends RealFieldElement<T>>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - the type of the field elements

    public class FieldExpandableODE<T extends RealFieldElement<T>>
    extends Object
    This class represents a combined set of first order differential equations, with at least a primary set of equations expandable by some sets of secondary equations.

    One typical use case is the computation of the Jacobian matrix for some ODE. In this case, the primary set of equations corresponds to the raw ODE, and we add to this set another bunch of secondary equations which represent the Jacobian matrix of the primary set.

    We want the integrator to use only the primary set to estimate the errors and hence the step sizes. It should not use the secondary equations in this computation. The integrator will be able to know where the primary set ends and so where the secondary sets begin.

    See Also:
    FirstOrderFieldDifferentialEquations, FieldSecondaryEquations