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Release History

Version Date Description
3.9.0 2022-11-26 Maintenance and bug fix release (Java 8).
3.8.0 2021-02-13 Maintenance and bug fix release (Java 7).
3.7.2 2020-10-14 Maintenance and bug fix release (Java 7).
3.7.1 2020-09-30 Maintenance and bug fix release (Java 7).
3.7 2020-08-05 This is mainly a bug-fix release (Java 7). See further details below. This release requires a minimum of Java 7. This release is binary compatible with previous releases. However it is not source compatible with releases before 3.4, as some methods were added to the interface NtpV3Packet in 3.4 Note that the examples packages were moved under org/apache/commons/net/examples. The examples are not part of the public API, so this does not affect compatibility.
3.6 2017-02-15 This is mainly a bug-fix release (Java 6). See further details below. This release is binary compatible with previous releases. However it is not source compatible with releases before 3.4, as some methods were added to the interface NtpV3Packet in 3.4 The code now requires a minimum of Java 6. Changes to functionality: * The FTP client now performs stricter checks on non-multiline command replies. The 3 digit code must now be followed by a space and some text, as per RFC 959. To suppress this stricter checking, call FTP#setStrictReplyParsing(false). This should not be needed with a well-behaved server. Note also that if strict checking is disabled, some functions may unconditionally strip the next character after the code, without checking it if is a space. * The FTP client mlistFile() method now checks for a leading space before removing it. If the space is missing, a MalformedServerReplyException is thrown. This will only happen if the FTP server is not compliant with RFC 3659. Notable additions: * The POP3Mail examples can now get password from console, stdin or an environment variable. * TFTPClient code has been rewritten to improve error handling and retries.
3.5 2016-05-05 This is mainly a bug-fix release (Java 6). See further details below. This release is binary compatible with previous releases. However it is not source compatible with releases before 3.4, as some methods were added to the interface NtpV3Packet in 3.4 The code now requires a minimum of Java 6. Notable additions: The IMAP examples can now get password from console, stdin or an environment variable.
3.4 2015-11-26 This is mainly a bug-fix release. See further details below. This release is binary compatible with previous releases. However it is not source compatible, as some methods have been added to the interface NtpV3Packet Notable additions: IMAPExportMbox (example app) allows IMAP folders to be exported into an mbox file. This is the inverse of the IMAPImportMbox example added previously
3.3 2013-06-11 This is mainly a bug-fix release. See further details below.
3.2 2012-12-03 This release fixes bugs and adds some new functionality (see below). It is binary compatible with previous releases. Note that Clirr shows that two public methods have been removed (NET-485). These are not used within NET.
3.1 Feb 20, 2012 This release fixes a few bugs and adds some new functionality (see below). It is binary compatible with previous releases
3.0.1 June 6, 2011 This is a bug-fix release.
3.0 May 16, 2011 This release fixes many bugs (see below), and adds new functionality: - basic support for IMAP and IMAPS - support for SMTPS and POP3S FTP changes: - default for lenient future dates is now true, which fixes short date parsing where host clock is ahead of client clock - no longer parses every response line twice - OS auto-detection can be overriden by defining the property 'org.apache.commons.net.ftp.systemType'; - or by creating a properties file '/systemType.properties' which provides a mapping from getSystemType() to parser name See the Javadoc for FTPClient.initiateListParsing(String parserKey, String pathname). - SASL, PLAIN and CRAM-MD5 authentication added - added control channel keep-alive for use with misbehaving routers, see FTPClient.setControlKeepAliveTimeout(long controlIdle) NNTP changes: - reworked to use long for article numbers - added streaming equivalents for the array methods Added TrustManagerUtils and KeyManagerUtils classes to simplify setting up trust and key namagers. KeyManagerUtils can be used to provide client certificates. This release is binary-compatible with 2.2, but there are some minor changes to source compatibility: - telnet.TelnetClient#addOptionHandler(TelnetOptionHandler) now additionally throws IOException - telnet.TelnetClient#deleteOptionHandler() now additionally throws IOException - ftp.FTPSClient ctors no longer throw NoSuchAlgorithmException - Redundant CODE_nnn definitions have been removed from FTPReply, SMTPReply and NNTPReply classes - Unused String constants KEYSTORE_ALGORITHM, PROVIDER, STORE_TYPE, TRUSTSTORE_ALGORITHM removed from FTPSClient All users are recommended to upgrade.
2.2 Nov 22, 2010 This is primarily a maintenance release, but it also includes new features and enhancements. Users of version 2.0 are encouraged to upgrade to 2.2, as this release includes some important bug fixes. See the detailed list of changes below for full description of all bug fixes and enhancements.
2.1   Not released
2.0 October 20, 2008 Java 5.0 release
1.4.1 December 3, 2005 fix release to restore jdk 1.3 compatability
1.4.0 May 7, 2005 Some additions and enhancements
1.3.0 December 15, 2004 many fixes and enhancements
1.3.0-dev July 28, 2004 regression fix
1.2.2 June 25, 2004 fix release
1.2.1 May 6, 2004 fix release
1.2.0 April 30, 2004 autodetection of system for listings
1.1.0 October 23, 2003 many enhancements and bug fixes
1.0.0 February 23, 2003 first jakarta-commons release

Release 3.9.0 – 2022-11-26

Type Changes By
Fix Use yyyy instead of YYYY in SimpleDateFormat #97. Fixes NET-708. Thanks to XenoAmess. ggregory
Fix Prevent serialization of the 4 classes that implement Serializable. It is not useful and is unlikely to work properly. sebb
Fix Use Math.min and Math.max method instead of manual calculations. #104. Thanks to Arturo Bernal. ggregory
Fix Add FTP option to toggle use of return host like CURL. Fixes NET-711. Thanks to Jochen Wiedmann, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Fix FTPSClient execPROT removes proxy settings #90. Fixes NET-642. Thanks to Yani Mihaylov, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Fix JUnit5 assertThrows SimpleSMTPHeaderTestCase #121. Thanks to John Patrick, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Fix JUnit5 assertThrows TestTimeInfo #120. Thanks to John Patrick, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Fix Simplify conditions avoiding extra operations #88. Thanks to Arturo Bernal, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Fix Remove reflection from SSLSocketUtils. Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Fix Process files with spaces in name for OS400 #95. Fixes NET-707. Thanks to Dmytro Sylaiev, sebbASF, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Add [FTP] Add FTPClient.mdtmInstant(String). Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Add [FTP] Add MLSxEntryParser.parseGmtInstant(String). Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Add [FTP] Add FTPClient.getControlKeepAliveReplyTimeoutDuration(). Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Add [FTP] Add FTPClient.setControlKeepAliveReplyTimeout(Duration). Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Add [FTP] Add FTPClient.getControlKeepAliveTimeoutDuration(). Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Add [FTP] Add FTPClient.setControlKeepAliveTimeout(Duration). Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Add [FTP] Add FTPClient.getDataTimeout(). Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Add [FTP] Add FTPClient.setDataTimeout(Duration). Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Add [FTP] Add FTPFile.getTimestampInstant(). Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Add Add github/codeql-action. Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update Bump actions/cache from 2.1.6 to 3.0.11 #93, #102, #115, #116. Thanks to Dependabot, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update Bump actions/checkout from 2.3.4 to 3.1.0 #89, #91, #100, #114. Thanks to Dependabot, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update Bump actions/upload-artifact from 3.1.0 to 3.1.1 #124. Thanks to Dependabot. ggregory
Update Bump junit from 4.13.1 to 5.9.1 Vintage #74. Thanks to Dependabot. ggregory
Update Bump commons-io from 2.6 to 2.11.0 #60. Thanks to Dependabot, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update Bump commons.jacoco.version from 0.8.6 to 0.8.8. Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update Bump commons.japicmp.version from 0.14.3 to 0.17.1. Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update Bump commons.surefire.version from 2.22.2 to 3.0.0-M7. Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update Bump ftpserver-core from 1.1.1 to 1.2.0 #96. Thanks to XenoAmess, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update Bump exec-maven-plugin from 3.0.0 to 3.1.0 #109. Thanks to Dependabot. ggregory
Update Bump commons-parent from 53 to 54 #112. Thanks to Dependabot. ggregory

Release 3.8.0 – 2021-02-13

Type Changes By
Add Add and use NetConstants. Thanks to Arturo Bernal, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Add Add and use SocketClient.applySocketAttributes(). Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Add [FTP] Add FTPClient.hasFeature(FTPCmd). Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Add [FTP] Add FTPClient.mdtmCalendar(String). Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Fix [IMAP] Fix concurrent counting of chunks in IMAPExportMbox. Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Fix Fix possible if rare NPEs in tests. Thanks to Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update Bump actions/checkout from v2.3.3 to v2.3.4 #69. Thanks to Dependabot. ggregory
Update Update SocketClient default connect timeout from ∞ to 60 seconds #51. Fixes NET-685. Thanks to Simo385. ggregory
Update Apply SocketClient timeout after connection but before SSL negotiation. Fixes NET-695. Thanks to Gary Gregory, Possibly Cott. ggregory
Update Minor Improvements #71, #72. Thanks to Arturo Bernal, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update Bump actions/cache from v2 to v2.1.4 #73. Thanks to Dependabot. ggregory

Release 3.7.2 – 2020-10-14

Type Changes By
Fix Host name is not set on the SSLSocket causing isEndpointCheckingEnabled to fail. Fixes NET-689. Thanks to Charlie, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Fix Fix possible socket and input stream leak on socket exception in org.apache.commons.net.ftp.FTPClient._retrieveFile(String, String, OutputStream). Thanks to Dependabot. ggregory
Fix Performance issue when using the FTPClient to retrieve files #65. Fixes NET-690. Thanks to payal-meh, Gary Gregory. ggregory
Update Improve Javadoc for IMAPSClient #68. Fixes NET-691. Thanks to Lewis John McGibbney. ggregory
Update Bump actions/setup-java from v1.4.2 to v1.4.3 #62. Thanks to Dependabot. ggregory
Update Bump junit from 4.13 to 4.13.1 #67. Thanks to Dependabot. ggregory

Release 3.7.1 – 2020-09-30

Type Changes By
Fix [FTPS] javax.net.ssl.SSLException: Unsupported or unrecognized SSL message, #59. Fixes NET-687. Thanks to Gary Gregory, Mikael, j-verse. ggregory
Update Update actions/checkout from v2.3.1 to v2.3.3 #56, #61. Thanks to Dependabot. ggregory

Release 3.7 – 2020-08-05

Type Changes By
Fix IMAPClient.APPEND does not always calculate the correct length. Fixes NET-673. sebb
Add ALLO FTP Command for files >2GB. Fixes NET-646. sebb
Add IMAPClient could simplify using empty arguments. Fixes NET-615. sebb
Add IMAP fails to quote/encode mailbox names. Fixes NET-614. sebb
Fix NPE when closing telnet stream. Fixes NET-643. Thanks to Vasily. sebb
Add Add Automatic-Module-Name MANIFEST entry for Java 9 compatibility. Fixes NET-648. pschumacher
Fix SubnetUtils.SubnetInfo.isInRange("") returns true for CIDR/31, 32. Fixes NET-641. Thanks to pin_ptr. sebb
Add Telnet subnegotiations hard-limited to 512 bytes - allow override. Fixes NET-638. Thanks to Daniel Leong. sebb
Fix MVSFTPEntryParser.preParse - MVS, z/OS - allow for merged Ext/Used fields. Fixes NET-639. Thanks to Alexander Eller. sebb
Fix examples should be in org.apache.commons.net subpackage. Fixes NET-636. sebb
Add Add SIZE command support. Fixes NET-634. Thanks to Mauro Molinari. sebb
Add Add POP3ExportMbox example code sebb
Update Add XOAUTH2 to IMAP and SMTP. Fixes NET-633. Thanks to n0rm1e. sebb
Update FTPHTTPClient - support for encoding other than UTF-8. Fixes NET-632. Thanks to prakapenka. sebb
Fix Bug in MVSFTPEntryParser.parseUnixList (FindBugs). Fixes NET-631. sebb
Fix Error when using org.apache.commons.net.ftp.FTPClient setControlKeepAliveTimeout. Fixes NET-584. Thanks to Kazantsev Andrey Sergeevich/Nick Manley. sebb
Update SubnetUtils#SubnetUtils - improved comment. Fixes NET-626. Thanks to Makoto Sakaguchi. sebb
Update SubnetUtils - improve construction. Fixes NET-625. sebb
Update SubnetInfo#getCidrSignature - improve functions. Fixes NET-624. Thanks to Makoto Sakaguchi. sebb
Fix SubnetInfo#toCidrNotation: A wrong format subnet mask is allowed. Fixes NET-624. Thanks to Makoto Sakaguchi. sebb
Fix SubnetUtils - fixed spelling errors. Fixes NET-623. Thanks to Makoto Sakaguchi. sebb
Update SubnetUtils#SubnetInfo - remove unnecessary accessors. Fixes NET-621. Thanks to Makoto Sakaguchi. sebb
Update SubnetUtils - improve binary netmask algorithm. Fixes NET-619. Thanks to Makoto Sakaguchi. sebb
Fix System Information Leak in ftp parser. Fixes NET-613. Thanks to Donald Kwakkel. sebb
Update VMS ftp LIST parsing results in empty file list. Fixes NET-678. Thanks to Roman Grigoriadi. sebb
Add FTPListParseEngine should support listing via MLSD. Fixes NET-674. Thanks to Chris Steingen. sebb
Fix NullPointerException when FTPClient remote verification fails. Fixes NET-663. Thanks to Max Shenfield. sebb
Fix 227 Entering Passive Mode. Fixes NET-649. Thanks to Filipe Bojikian Rissi. sebb
Add Next and Previous IP Address in SubnetUtils.SubnetInfo. Fixes NET-660. Thanks to Nagabhushan S N. sebb
Fix MVSFTPEntryParser doesn't support Record Formats of U. Fixes NET-682. Thanks to richard. sebb

Release 3.6 – 2017-02-15

Type Changes By
Fix TFTPClient assumes that lastBlock == 0 only once. Fixes NET-613. sebb
Fix Allow TFTPServer.java to bind to a specific network adapter. Fixes NET-320. Thanks to Kevin Bulebush. sebb
Fix Apache Commons TFTP does not reject request replies that originate from a control port. Fixes NET-414. Thanks to Chuck Wolber. sebb
Fix TFTP sendFile retry broken. Fixes NET-477. Thanks to John Walton. sebb
Update Allow TFTP socket IO tracing. Fixes NET-612. sebb
Fix NullPointerException when disconnecting TelnetClient twice with JDK 7. Fixes NET-596. Thanks to Vincent Bories-Azeau. sebb
Fix Failure to parse times from SYST_L8 systems that report as "WINDOWS Type: L8". Fixes NET-602. Thanks to Ross Braithwaite. sebb
Fix TFTP send and receive don't have progress indication. Fixes NET-604. Thanks to Frank Delporte. sebb
Fix FTPClient.setPassiveNatWorkaround assumes host is outside site local range. Fixes NET-588. Thanks to Dave Nice / Thai H. sebb
Fix FTPClient.mlistFile incorrectly handles MLST reply. Fixes NET-610. Thanks to Sergey Yanzin. sebb
Fix FTP does not validate command reply syntax fully. Fixes NET-611. sebb
Fix DefaultUnixFTPFileEntryParserFactory Issue (leading spaces removal configuration). Fixes NET-609. Thanks to Tqup3. sebb
Update POP3Mail example: support host port; allow reading password from Console/stdin/environment sebb
Fix FTP fails to parse listings for Solaris 10 FTPd in Japanese. Fixes NET-597. Thanks to Hiroki Taniura. sebb
Update Add shorthand FTPClientConfig constructor. Fixes NET-599. sebb
Fix HostnameVerifier is called with ip addess instead of the provided hostname. Fixes NET-593. Thanks to Joerg Weule. sebb
Fix TelnetClient._closeOutputStream unhandled exception from FilterOutputStream.close. Fixes NET-594. Thanks to Brad Worrral. sebb
Fix plainSocket in FTPSClient is never closed. Fixes NET-592. Thanks to Mark Ford. sebb

Release 3.5 – 2016-05-05

Type Changes By
Fix FTPClient.getReplyString() returns wrong value after connect(). Fixes NET-583. Thanks to Holger Rehn. sebb
Add Alternative password input methods for IMAP examples sebb
Add More tests for Feb 29 handling. sebb
Fix Don't use Feb 29 for short future date tests. Fixes NET-586. sebb
Fix Documentation tweaks sebb

Release 3.4 – 2015-11-26

Type Changes By
Fix SimpleSMTPHeader fails to supply the required Date: header. Fixes NET-581. sebb
Fix SimpleSMTPHeader does not allow for missing To: field. Fixes NET-582. sebb
Fix SMTPClient.sendSimpleMessage() silently ignores failed recipients Update Javadoc. Fixes NET-580. Thanks to Simon Arlott. sebb
Fix SSL/TLS SocketClients do not verify the hostname against the certificate. Fixes NET-579. Thanks to Simon Arlott. sebb
Update Allow FTPClient to use SYST response if system type is not specified in configuration. Fixes NET-576. sebb
Update FTPClientExample should support setting the date format. Fixes NET-575. sebb
Fix FTPHTTPClient should use socket factory to create sockets. Fixes NET-538. Thanks to Dzmitry. sebb
Fix UnixFTPEntryParser Drops Leading Spaces from File Names. Fixes NET-566. Thanks to Gary Russell. sebb
Update examples/Main now uses a property file to define aliases instead of scanning class files sebb
Fix SocketTimeoutException connecting a FTP server via an HTTP Proxy. Fixes NET-552. Thanks to Quentin Devriendt. sebb
Add FTPListParseEngine does not provide access to raw responses. Fixes NET-528. sebb
Add Add FTPClient method to return an FTPFile from an MDTM command. Fixes NET-565. sebb
Update FTPFile.toFormattedString - allow specification of TimeZone for display. Fixes NET-564. sebb
Update FTPFile.toFormattedString should print only signficant parts of the parsed date. Fixes NET-562. sebb
Fix MLSxEntryParser needs test cases; parsing is too lax. Fixes NET-563. sebb
Fix FTPFile.toFormattedString prints user and group in wrong order. Fixes NET-561. sebb
Fix FTPClient.initiateListParsing does not correctly check if parserKey was cached. Fixes NET-544. Thanks to Olivier Queyrut. sebb
Update Simplify TelnetOptionHandler class hierarchy. Fixes NET-554. sebb
Fix FTPClient.getModificationTime(filename) returns complete received line including response code and EOL Strip the response code and EOL. Fixes NET-558. Thanks to Ralph Becker. sebb
Update Make SubnetInfo.isInRange(int) public. Fixes NET-556. Thanks to Andy Rosa. sebb
Fix Default FTPClient bufferSize results in very slow retrieve transfers Fix code in Util#copyStream (also copyReader) that failed to use the proper default for buffer size 0. Fixes NET-550. Thanks to Geoffrey Hardy. sebb
Fix Util copyReader calls CopyStreamListener.bytesTransferred with the incorrect value for bytesTransferred. Fixes NET-551. sebb
Update Added control character processing to TelnetClientExample sebb
Update There is a lack of documentation regarding setControlKeepAliveTimeout. Fixes NET-547. Thanks to Fabio Scippacercola. sebb
Fix Telnet does not convert LF to CRLF in ASCII mode. Fixes NET-549. Thanks to Pradeep Natarajan. sebb
Fix telnet: spy read EOL is reversed. Fixes NET-543. Thanks to Ferry Huberts. sebb
Add Article#printThread should have option to use any PrintStream. Fixes NET-540. sebb
Fix NPE if Threader.thread invoked with empty list or with null array. Fixes NET-539. sebb
Add IMAP FETCH example IMAPExportMbox can export selected nessages from an IMAP folder. Fixes NET-536. sebb
Add IMAP FETCH can overflow reply buffer; provide for partial responses. Fixes NET-535. sebb
Update Unnecesssary call to getReplyString() if no listeners configured. Fixes NET-534. sebb
Fix input parameter of org.apache.commons.net.ftp.FTP.__getReply(boolean) is not used. Fixes NET-530. Thanks to fish ship. sebb
Fix SubnetUtils throws exception on valid input. Fixes NET-529. Thanks to Putinas Piliponis. sebb
Add Add SimpleNTPServer as example and for testing. Fixes NET-527. Thanks to jason mathews. sebb
Fix parser problem occurs if the filename contains one or more characters of which the second byte of Shift-JIS code is 0x85 Fix NT parser. Fixes NET-516. Thanks to Asha K S & pavan. sebb
Update Added control encoding option to FTPClientExample sebb
Update Added missing set methods on NTP class and interface. Fixes NET-526. Thanks to Jason Mathews, MITRE Corp. sebb
Update Avoid greedy matches within a regex. Fixes NET-526. sebb
Fix SubnetUtils("") does not behave as expected Fixed range checking so network and broadcast addresses are treated as unsigned ints. Fixes NET-520. sebb
Fix SubnetUtils.SubnetInfo.getAddressCount() can overflow as it returns an int. Fixes NET-521. sebb
Fix FTPClient sample in class javadoc "bug". Fixes NET-515. Thanks to Sebastian Ritter.
Fix Apache Commons Net 3.3 has a performance issue. Fixes NET-519.
Fix FTPClient#reinitialize is package protected. Fixes NET-517. Thanks to David Kocher. sebb
Add Downloading files or members from the AS400 QSYS file system is not supported. Fixes NET-512. Thanks to Thomas Raddatz. sebb
Fix FTPClient#initFeatureMap should not initialize empty map if reply code is 530. Fixes NET-518. Thanks to David Kocher. sebb
Fix IMAP APPEND multiple issues in IMapClient. Deprecated unusable append methods. Added new append method, as well as example IMapImportMbox class to make use of it. Fixes NET-514. sebb
Fix Exception for new SubnetUtils(""). Fixes NET-511. Thanks to Kyriacos Elia, Daniel Scott. ggregory

Release 3.3 – 2013-06-11

Type Changes By
Update AuthenticatingSMTPClient needs a constructor with the isImplicit argument for SSL. Fixes NET-509. Thanks to Anthony Dahanne. sebb
Fix Race Condition on TelnetClient.disconnect() and TelnetInputStream.run() java.lang.IllegalStateException: Queue is full! Cannot process another character. Fixes NET-501. Thanks to Julián Lastiri. sebb
Update User specified bufferSize reset to default when FTPClient is disconnected or reinitialized resulting in performance degradation. Fixes NET-505. Thanks to Sean Kelley. sebb
Update Option to disable private IP replacement in FTP passive mode. Fixes NET-507. Thanks to Jiri Netolicky. sebb
Add AuthenticatingSMTPClient does not support non-default encoding. Fixes NET-503. Thanks to Ofer Regev. sebb
Fix Always call FTPClient#setFileType after connection. Not all servers default to ASCII. Fixes NET-500. Thanks to Michael Frick. sebb
Fix FTPClient setSendBufferSize and setReceiveBufferSize on data socket. The previous fix caused performance problems. Added new getters and setters for the SO_SNDBUF and SO_RCVBUF values to be used on the data socket. Fixes NET-465. Thanks to Jim Kerwood. sebb
Add Util copyReader/copyStream classes should use default buffer size for non-positive buffer size parameters. Fixes NET-496. sebb
Add FTPCommand conversion to use enum; added FTPCmd emum and deprecated FTPCommand. Fixes NET-310. sebb
Fix Wrong passivHost when using FTPHTTPClient with EPSV. Fixes NET-480. Thanks to Peter Naber. sebb
Fix FTPClient.CSL.cleanUp() fails to restore timeout value on exception. Fixes NET-494. sebb
Fix FTPClient.printWorkingDirectory() incorrectly parses certain valid PWD command results. Fixes NET-492. Thanks to Tomasz Jedrzejewski. sebb

Release 3.2 – 2012-12-03

Type Changes By
Fix retrieveFileStream fails randomly or hangs. Fixes NET-46. sebb
Fix Remove unnecessary Base64 methods. Fixes NET-485. sebb
Update Support XOAUTH. Fixes NET-482. Thanks to Houman Atashbar. sebb
Fix Base64.CHUNK_SEPARATOR should be private. Fixes NET-484. sebb
Fix Base64.encodeBase64(byte[], boolean, boolean, int) does not calculate output size correctly for unchunked output. Fixes NET-483. sebb
Fix Regression: TelnetInputStream#available() blocks. Fixes NET-466. Thanks to Martin Oberhuber. sebb
Fix FTPS: Hook to customize _openDataConnection_ SSLSocket before startHandshake() is called. Implement _openDataConnection(String, String) method to properly interface with FTPClient.openDataConnection(String, String). Fixes NET-426. Thanks to Ketan. sebb
Fix TelnetClient hangs when reader-thread startup is delayed. Fixes NET-456. sebb
Fix listFiles bug with folder that begins with "-". Clarify Javadoc. Fixes NET-449. sebb
Fix FTPClient setSoTimeout (int time) will result in NullPointerException. Clarify Javadoc. Fixes NET-473. sebb
Add Request for native support for socks proxy routing with Commons net FTP. Fixes NET-468. Thanks to Bogdan Drozdowski. sebb
Fix FtpClient sends REST when calling listFiles. Clarified Javadoc. Fixes NET-475. sebb
Add FTPClient setSendBufferSize and setReceiveBufferSize on data socket. Fixes NET-465. Thanks to Bogdan Drozdowski. sebb
Add FTPClient in PASSIVE_LOCAL_DATA_CONNECTION_MODE cannot work when host have several different IP. Fixes NET-462. Thanks to Bogdan Drozdowski. sebb
Fix IMAPClient#fetch() does not handle literal strings. Fixes NET-467. sebb
Fix MVSFTPEntryParser.parseSimpleEntry - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException. Fixes NET-458. Thanks to Denis Molony. sebb
Fix Bug in documentation for FTPClient. Fixes NET-450. Thanks to Roger Hardiman. sebb
Add The examples can now be run using "java -jar commons-net-examples-m.n.jar". This will automatically include the main net jar in the classpath. See documentation. FTPClientExample now supports "-A" for anonymous login sebb
Fix StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1 if server respond with root is current directory. Fixes NET-442. sebb
Fix FTPTimestampParserImpl fails to parse future dates correctly on Feb 28th in a leap year. Fixes NET-444. sebb

Release 3.1 – Feb 20, 2012

Type Changes By
Fix [FTP] mlistDir doc should be "MLSD" not "MSLD". Fixes NET-441. Thanks to consiliens. sebb
Add [FTP] Allow user to provide default value in case SYST command fails. Fixes NET-440. sebb
Fix POP3Client.capa() should call POP3Client.getAdditionalReply(). Fixes NET-438. Thanks to Norman Maurer. sebb
Fix TFTP implementation subject to Sorcerer's Apprentice Syndrome. Fixes NET-412. Thanks to Chuck Wolber. sebb
Fix TFTP does not handle RFC 783 retransmits. Fixes NET-410. Thanks to Chuck Wolber. sebb
Fix TelnetInputStream doesn't support non-blocking IO when reader thread is not enabled. Fixes NET-437. Thanks to Gavin Camp. sebb
Add FTP should support reporting NATed external IP address. Fixes NET-346. Thanks to Kevin Samuel. sebb
Add Commons NET site should link to the examples. Fixes NET-433. sebb
Fix FTP using HTTP proxy not working. Fixes NET-422. Thanks to Tomas Mysik / Magnus Johansson. sebb
Fix FTPClient.storeFIle might fail when ControlKeepAliveTimeout is set (ditto for FTPCLient.retrieveFile). Fixes NET-423. Thanks to Jens Koch. sebb
Add FTPS: Hook to customize _openDataConnection_ SSLSocket before startHandshake() is called. Fixes NET-426. Thanks to Ketan. sebb
Fix Can't login to POP3S Server using explicit mode. Fixes NET-430. Thanks to Thomas Mathis. sebb
Fix FTPClient fails to close local listener socket when command socket channel encounter "ReadTimeoutException". Fixes NET-434. Thanks to zhangyong. sebb
Add [FTP] Support for SYST "Mac OS" listing - "MACOS Peter's Server". Fixes NET-436. Thanks to Jürgen Jung. sebb
Update [FTP] _openDataConnection_, __storeFile, and __storeFileStream should be protected and take String for FTP command. Likewise for receiveFile and receiveFileStream. Fixes NET-425. Thanks to Steven Jardine. sebb
Update [Telnet] Increasing sub-negotiation message holder array size. Fixes NET-416. Thanks to Abhijeet Gaikwad. sebb
Fix SubnetUtils throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException for new SubnetUtils( "" ).getInfo().getAllAddresses(). Fixes NET-428. Thanks to sebb. sebb
Fix Problem connecting to TLS/SSL SMTP server using explicit mode. Fixes NET-421. Thanks to Oliver Saggau. sebb
Fix [Site] typo in migration how-to. Fixes NET-415. Thanks to george thomas. sebb

Release 3.0.1 – June 6, 2011

Type Changes By
Fix FTPClient truncates file (storeFile method). Fix bug introduced in release 3.0. Fixes NET-409. sebb

Release 3.0 – May 16, 2011

Type Changes By
Update Change lenientFutureDates to default to true. This means short dates will be parsed as the current year when the host clock is up to 1 day ahead of the client clock. Fixes NET-407. sebb
Fix FTPSSocketFactory does not override createSocket(); causes java.net.SocketException: Unconnected sockets not implemented. Fixes NET-404. sebb
Fix ftp data connection does not use connectTimeout. Fixes NET-399. Thanks to Noah Levitt. sebb
Update Option to override SSL negotiation. Make FTPSClient#execAuth() and FTPSClient#sslNegotiation() protected. Fixes NET-400. Thanks to David Kocher. sebb
Fix IMAP, NNTP, POP3 and SMTP classes uses BufferedReader for control channel, which does not follow the standard. Changed reader to CRLFLineReader. Fixes NET-402. sebb
Fix FTP class uses BufferedReader for control channel, which does not follow the standard. Changed reader to CRLFLineReader. Fixes NET-401. sebb
Update AS400 file timestamp format is wrong. Workround exists. Fixes NET-331. sebb
Update Remove semi-redundant check in SubnetUtils.calculate(). Fixes NET-269. sebb
Update Should Telnet class Exception blocks write to System.err? Catch blocks removed, and throws clauses added to allow caller to more easily detect and recover. Fixes NET-219. sebb
Update FTPSClient does not handle AUTH or ADAT and only partially handles PBSZ. FTPSCommand should be deprecated. Fixes NET-397. Thanks to Bogdan Drozdowski. sebb
Fix Better handling of CIDR/31 and CIDR/32 where isInclusive = false. Return 0 for address count, and for each of the addresses. Fixes NET-268. sebb
Update Move ProtocolCommandSupport to SocketClient. Fixes NET-395. sebb
Update Should the sendCommandWithID() methods be public? Made methods private, and deleted currently unused ones. Fixes NET-393. sebb
Update Are the sendUntaggedCommand() methods needed? Renamed the method as sendData(), as it's not a command. Fixes NET-394. sebb
Update Use enum for IMAPCommand. Fixes NET-392. sebb
Add Added basic IMAP/IMAPS implementation. Fixes NET-333. Thanks to Bogdan Drozdowski. sebb
Fix Unix parser should ignore "total nnn" lines. Fixes NET-389. sebb
Remove Article.addHeaderField() is currently write-only - there is no way to retrieve the headers - is it needed? Method was removed, along with the field. Fixes NET-369. sebb
Fix ntp.TimeStamp uses incorrect lazy initialisation of static fields simpleFormatter and utcFormatter. Fixes NET-367. sebb
Update Parsing is inefficient, as it parses everything twice. Fixes NET-381. sebb
Fix VMSVersioningFTPEntryParser#preParse should not call super.preParse(). Fixes NET-388. sebb
Fix TelnetInputStream has various threading bugs. Fixes NET-362. sebb
Fix TelnetClient use of FromNetASCIIInputStream and ToNetASCIIOutputStream breaks binary mode. See also NET-387. Fixes NET-89. sebb
Update FTP does not apply timeout to initial responses. Fixes NET-385. sebb
Update KeyManagerUtils - the KeyManager is not efficient. Fixes NET-384. sebb
Update KeyManagerUtils - allow alias to be omitted when there is only one private key in the store. Fixes NET-383. sebb
Add A KeyManager is required when the protection level is set to 'P' with FTPSClient on active mode. Added KeyManagerUtils class to simplify provision of client certificates. Fixes NET-326. sebb
Add FEAT response parsing. Added FTPClient methods: boolean hasFeature(feature [,option]), String fetaureValue(feature), String[] featureValues(feature). Fixes NET-273. sebb
Add FTPClient - support for processing arbitrary commands that only use the control channel. Fixes NET-379. sebb
Add FTP listing should support MLST and MLSD. Fixes NET-378. sebb
Update NLST does not take notice of HiddenFiles setting. Fixes NET-377. sebb
Update NNTP Listgroups not working - broken server implementation. Fixes NET-373. sebb
Update DotTerminatedMessageReader should extend BufferedReader, rather than Reader. Fixes NET-375. sebb
Update ParserInitializationException doesn't use standard JDK exception chaining. Fixes NET-374. sebb
Add FTPSClient: java.security.cert.CertificateException: No X509TrustManager implementation available if trustManager == null. Fixes NET-372. sebb
Add Create TrustManagerFactory to provide custom TrustManagers. Fixes NET-371. sebb
Fix FTPSClient not properly supporting CCC and PROT P. Fixes NET-354. Thanks to Leif John Korshavn. sebb
Update Threader.thread should accept an Iterable rather than a List. Fixes NET-368. sebb
Add "Unconnected sockets not implemented" when using FTPSClient Added disconnect() override which resets the socket factories to their defaults. Fixes NET-327. Thanks to Bogdan Drozdowski. sebb
Add "java.net.SocketException: Broken pipe" when calling "TelnetClient.sendAYT()" Added SocketClient#isAvailable() method to perform additional checks on a socket. Fixes NET-350. Thanks to Bogdan Drozdowski. sebb
Add Add streaming methods (corresponding to array methods) to NNTPClient. Fixes NET-237. sebb
Fix FTPClient.listFiles() does not work properly, if remote server speaks German. Match non-space{3} instead of A-Za-z{3}. Fixes NET-365. sebb
Fix FTPClientConfig: setServerLanguageCode and setShortMonthNames do not work. Ensure that config is passed to all parsers that can use it. Fixes NET-366. sebb
Fix NNTPClient has problems with group listings for large groups. Fixes NET-276. sebb
Fix Possible NPE in Threader.java. Fixes NET-185. sebb
Fix nntp.Article is very inefficient and incorrect. Fixes NET-364. sebb
Add The FTP client should autodetect the control encoding. Fixes NET-314. Thanks to Bogdan Drozdowski. sebb
Fix Can't connect to a server behind firewall in passive mode. Fixes NET-363. Thanks to daniel damon. sebb
Fix Queue is full TelnetInputStream. Fixes NET-348. sebb
Add Implement Telnet Command sender. Fixes NET-361. sebb
Fix Telnet client: not properly handling IAC bytes within subnegotiation messages: - failing to double IACs on output - failing to de-double IACs in input. Fixes NET-345. Thanks to Archie Cobbs. sebb
Add Telnet client: Support Client-initiated Subnegotiation Messages. Fixes NET-343. Thanks to Archie Cobbs. sebb
Add Telnet client: Support Listener Notification of Incoming Data. Fixes NET-344. Thanks to Archie Cobbs. sebb
Fix Incorrect error handling in method initiateListParsing of FTPClient. Fixes NET-270. sebb
Add SASL PLAIN and CRAM-MD5 authentication. Fixes NET-352. Thanks to Bogdan Drozdowski. sebb
Add The POP3 client does not support SSL/TLS connections. Fixes NET-357. Thanks to Bogdan Drozdowski. sebb
Remove Removed deprecated unused fields from FTPSClient: - KEYSTORE_ALGORITHM, PROVIDER, STORE_TYPE, TRUSTSTORE_ALGORITHM sebb
Fix Implement A Keepalive Mechanism. Control channel keepalive implemented for the following methods: appendFile, storeFile, storeUniqueFile, retrieveFile. Fixes NET-258. sebb
Fix StackOverflowError in Threader. Fixes NET-289. Thanks to Luc Claes. sebb
Fix POP3MessageInfo fields should be final. Fixes NET-317. sebb
Fix Get rid of using deprecated API in VMSFTPEntryParser. Fixes NET-252. sebb
Remove The method VMSFTPEntryParser.parseFileList(InputStream listStream) should not be present. Fixes NET-330. sebb
Fix FTPFileEntryParser API samples are wrong. Fixes NET-303. sebb
Add Use properties file (/systemType.properties) to handle new OS-type auto-detection. Fixes NET-229. sebb
Add Commons net ftp cannot handle unknown type parser and should allow override of parser through vm argument. The system property "org.apache.commons.net.ftp.systemType" can be used to provide the system type. Fixes NET-332. sebb
Fix Unhandled SecurityException in DefaultFTPFileEntryParserFactory.createFileEntryParser when using applets. Fixes NET-286. sebb
Fix DefaultFTPFileEntryParserFactory.createFileEntryParser(String key) always tries to load a class. Fixes NET-360. sebb
Add New FTPClient method to retrieve all directory names in the current working directory. Added methods listDirectories(), listDirectories(String path). Fixes NET-156. sebb
Add The SMTPClient does not support authentication. Fixes NET-353. Thanks to Bogdan Drozdowski. sebb
Add The SMTP client does not support SSL/TLS connections. Fixes NET-356. Thanks to Bogdan Drozdowski. sebb
Add Implement copy Listener in FTPClient file operations. Fixes NET-358. sebb
Fix CopyStreamAdapter unconditionally resets the CopyStreamEvent source and is inefficient. Fixes NET-359. sebb
Fix examples.nntp.NNTPUtils does not compile. Fixes NET-355. sebb
Add APOP authentication fails most of the time. Fix by adding leading 0 if necessary. Fixes NET-351. Thanks to Bogdan Drozdowski. sebb

Release 2.2 – Nov 22, 2010

Type Changes By
Fix FromNetASCIIInputStream can throw a NullPointerException. Fixes NET-334. sebb
Fix FTPClient.remoteAppend(String filename) uses STOR instead of APPE. Fixes NET-341. sebb
Fix Incorrect parsing of timestamp on Windows CE Fix parsing to allow for new-style DOS listing using 24hr clock rather than AM/PM. Fixes NET-339. sebb
Add ftp.FTPClient.initiateListParsing(String parserKey, String pathname) can call createFileEntryParser with null systemName. Fix this by adding getSystemType() which does not return null, and deprecating getSystemName(). Fixes NET-338. sebb
Add Add support for FTPFileFilter filters. New classes FTPFileFilter, FTPFileFilters, new methods: FTPListParseEngine#getFiles(FTPFileFilter filter) FTPClient.listFiles(String pathname, FTPFileFilter filter). Fixes NET-244. sebb
Fix Optionally enable EPSV with IPv4; Only send EPRT with IPv6. Fix incorrect port used with EPRT. Allow activeMaxPort == activeMinPort in getActivePort() method. Fixes NET-313. sebb
Fix FromNetASCIIInputStream.read(byte[], int, int) may change length passed to superclass if not doing conversion. Fixes NET-328. sebb
Add Testcase to show WindowSizeOptionHandler is working OK. Fixes NET-74. sebb
Fix The method VMSFTPEntryParser.parseFileList(InputStream listStream) should not be present. Partial fix - marked method as deprecated and to be removed. Fixes NET-330. sebb
Fix Telnet EOR is "consumed" by TelnetInputStream when in BINARY transmission. Send notification to TelnetNotificationHandler. Fixes NET-180. sebb
Fix TelnetInoutStream#__read() bug in the __receiveState handling for the _STATE_IAC state. Fixes NET-329. sebb
Fix SocketClient should ensure input and output streams are closed. Fixes NET-283. sebb
Fix FTP: initiateListParsing should not cache entryParser. Fixes NET-302. sebb
Fix Improvement to isInRange method in SubnetUtil.SubnetInfo class. Fixes NET-282. rwinston
Fix FTPClient.listFiles() corrupts file name in certain circumstances. Fixes NET-266. rwinston
Fix Telnet spyStream NullPointerException. Fixes NET-264. sebb
Update Deprecated the following unused fields from org.apache.commons.net.ftp.FTPSClient: KEYSTORE_ALGORITHM, PROVIDER, STORE_TYPE, TRUSTSTORE_ALGORITHM sebb
Fix Fix site reports niallp
Fix Add support for setting external host ip/port range. Fixes NET-285. rwinston
Fix Add fix and testcase for DotTerminatedMessageReader. Fixes NET-290. rwinston
Fix Add support for IPv6 EPRT/EPSV. Fixes NET-288. rwinston
Fix Fix SubnetUtils for /32 subnets and add inclusive host count flag. Fixes NET-305. rwinston
Fix Fix NPE when listHiddenFiles was on. Fixes NET-300. rwinston
Fix UNIXFTPEntryParser didn't preserve trailing whitespace in files. Fixes NET-215. rwinston
Fix method SubnetUtils.SubnetInfo.isInRange(addr) returns incorrect result. Fixes NET-236. rwinston
Fix Method createServerSocket of FTPSSocketFactory never called and thus UseClientMode is incorrect in a secured ftp transfer using active mode. Fixes NET-242. rwinston
Fix Fix inconsistent command list in FTPCommand. Fixes NET-248. rwinston
Fix DefaultFTPFileEntryParserFactory did not work with Netware FTP server returning "NETWARE TYPE: L8". Fixes NET-250. rwinston
Fix FTP.getReplyStrings() returned array of null Strings. Fixes NET-257. rwinston
Fix UnixFTPEntryParser regex did not match some directory entries. Fixes NET-259. rwinston
Fix SubnetUtils.SubnetInfo.isInRange(...) returned incorrect values. Fixes NET-260. rwinston
Update SubnetUtils.SubnetInfo.isInRange(...) behavior not documented. Fixes NET-261. rwinston
Fix SubnetUtils did not handle /31 and /32 CIDRs well. Fixes NET-262. rwinston
Fix UnixFTPEntryParser failed to parse entry in certain conditions. Fixes NET-265. rwinston
Fix FTPClient.listFiles() corrupted file name in certain circumstances. Fixes NET-266. rwinston
Update Moved class "ThreadContainer" from Threader.java into its own source file. Fixes NET-251. rwinston
Fix FTPSClient should accept a pre-configured SSLContext. Fixes NET-256. rwinston
Add SubnetUtils / SubNetInfo toString() implementations. Fixes NET-263. rwinston
Fix Improve NNTPClient handling of invalid articles rwinston
Update Refactor examples package. rwinston
Add Javadoc fixes, improvements, and refactoring. sebb
Fix Apply MFMT patch. Fixes NET-245. rwinston
Fix Fix copying of reply lines collection. Fixes NET-279. rwinston
Fix Fix incorrect NNTP constant. Fixes NET-277. rwinston
Fix Restore socket state after CCC command. Fixes NET-274. rwinston
Fix Example code in FTPClient doesn't compile. Fixes NET-275. rwinston
Fix Fix inconsistent handling of socket read/write buffer size rwinston
Fix UnixFTPEntryParser fails to parse some entries. Fixes NET-294. sebb

Release 2.1

No changes in this release.

Release 2.0 – October 20, 2008

Type Changes By
Fix One of the "connect" method in class org.apache.commons.net.SocketClient doesn't handle connection timeout properly. Fixes NET-307. rwinston
Update Add null check in TelnetClient::disconnect(). rwinston
Remove Remove deprecated FTPFileIterator and FTPFileList classes. rwinston
Add Add connection timeout functionality to SocketClient. rwinston
Update Make the KeyManager and TrustManager settable (niklas@protocol7.com). rwinston
Update Patch FTPSClient to set default SSLServerSocketFactory. Thanks niklas@protocol7.com rwinston
Fix Patch to prevent TFTPClient dropping last packet. Thanks palm@poplarware.com. Fixes NET-68. rwinston
Update Change isConnected() method to delegate to underlying socket connection. rwinston
Add FTPS (TLS and SSL) is now supported. Thanks to Jose Juan Montiel, Paul Ferraro, and Satoshi Ishigami. rwinston
Update Commons::Net now uses Maven 2. The project.xml has been replaced with a pom.xml, and the source tree layout has been changed accordingly. rwinston
Remove Removed old ftp2 proposal directories. rwinston
Update Commons::Net now uses JDK regex functionality, saving on an extra [oro] dependency. There are now no external dependencies required. rwinston
Fix Various syntactic issues (FindBugs issues, JDK 5.0 generics support) rwinston
Fix Applied Rob Hasselbaum's rhasselbaum -> alumni.ithaca.edu patch for PR 38688 fixing a TelnetInputStream hang. dfs
Update Exposed control connection of FTP class via _controlInput_ and _controlOutput_ protected member variables in response to PR 38309 reported by josejuan.montiel@gmail.com. dfs
Fix Reverted PR 32859 patch to TFTPClient because it caused final packets to not be sent. dfs
Update Make FTPClient extend SocketClient instead of TelnetClient. From jhindsley@providerlink.com. Fixes NET-36. rwinston
Fix Adds an "e" symbolic link flag to the Unix FTP parser. From denisgaebler@netscape.net. Fixes NET-39. rwinston
Fix Allow hidden files to be listed. Thanks to mario@ops.co.at. Fixes NET-119. rwinston
Update Remove reflective check for Socket::isConnected() (no longer needed) rwinston
Add Added WindowSizeOptionHandler for TelnetClient. Thanks to yuvalkashtan@gmail.com. Fixes NET-136. rwinston
Update Refactored *Client classes under net/ package into separate subpackages, and move PrintCommandListener out of the examples/ package. rwinston
Add Added an ant target to the Maven build to generate an FTP-only jar file, for clients who wish to use only FTP-based functionality. rwinston
Update Custom SocketFactory interface has been replaced with the JDK SocketFactory implementation. Added ServerSocketFactory instance to SocketClient. rwinston
Update Removed redundant FTP.IMAGE_FILE_TYPE flag. rwinston
Update Added heavily updated MVSFTPEntryParser from henrik.sorensen@balcab.ch rwinston
Remove Removed deprecated classes FTPFileListParser, FTPFileListParserImpl, and DefaultFTPFileListParser. Also removed associated deprecated methods from FTPClient. rwinston
Fix Added encoding to FingerClient. From Ulrich Mayring. Fixes NET-164. rwinston
Fix Catch BindException in RCommandClient::connect(). Fixes NET-24. rwinston
Fix Add encoding specifier to SMTPClient. Fixes NET-178. rwinston
Add Add setters for socket send/receive buffer size to SocketClient. rwinston
Fix Fix PASV specifiers that broke previously. From Chris Eagle. Fixes NET-177. rwinston
Fix Catch NPE in FTP parser factory method. Fixes NET-182. rwinston
Fix Don't bind a UDP socket to NTP protocol port. Fixes NET-172. rwinston
Fix Better handling of user and group names with embedded spaces in FTP listings. rwinston
Fix Add configurable multiline parsing. Fixes NET-173. rwinston
Fix Add fix for broken leap year date parsing. Fixes NET-188. rwinston
Add Add SubnetUtils class (suggested by Kenny McLeod) rwinston
Fix Add Unix-type handling for UNKNOWN Type: L8 syst() message systems. Fixes NET-169. rwinston
Fix Allow FTPTimestampParserImpl to take a predefined Calendar instance representing current time. Fixes NET-198. rwinston
Fix Replace Exception with IOException. Fixes NET-194. sebb
Update VMS file permission parsing. Fixes NET-214. sebb
Fix TelnetInputStream swallows interruptedexception as IOException. Fixes NET-208. sebb
Fix the data connection socket is not closed when an IOException occurred. Fixes NET-223. sebb
Fix ParserInitializationException when connecting to a Unix FTP server: comparison string must be upper case. Fixes NET-230. sebb
Fix FTPFileEntryParserImpl.preParse() doesn't remove unparsable entries at the end of the file list. Fixes NET-225. sebb

Release 1.4.1 – December 3, 2005

Type Changes By
Fix Applied patches for defect 37113. Code incompatible with jdk 1.3. Original patch submitted by Andrea Rombald scohen
Fix Applied patches for defect 37522. updated project.xml to correct compatibility level. scohen

Release 1.4.0 – May 7, 2005

Type Changes By
Fix Fixed typo in method name. FTP.removeCommandListener() was missing the L. Problem reported by Per.Lindberger@linkon.se. dfs
Fix Applied fix for PR 33942 and PR 31793. Original patch submitted by mario@ops.co.at rwinston
Fix TFTPClient was ignoring final ACK (PR 32859). Thanks to perttu.auramo@ekahau.com rwinston
Fix Applied fix for ACL parsing in the FTP client (PR 33972). Submitted by robertalasch@yahoo.com rwinston
Fix Added missing NTP/SNTP unit tests to the codebase. rwinston
Fix Applied fix for POP3Client returning empty reply strings (PR 34133). Thanks to sammy_c@lineone.net dfs
Fix NTP port parameter was being ignored (PR 34219). Fixed by felix.eichhorn@3soft.de rwinston
Add An FTP parser for MVS was added. Submitted by wnoto@openfinance.com scohen
Add Added functionality for extensible parsing of FTP responses, using a configurable format string. This should enable the FTP client to operate across many different locales and date formats. scohen

Release 1.3.0 – December 15, 2004

Type Changes By
Fix Applied patch for PR 31793. Thanks to mario@ops.co.at rwinston
Add Added message threading functionality to the NNTP client. rwinston
Update Added return code 521 to FTPReply.java - this should obviate the need for the Ant FTP task to manually declare it. rwinston
Fix Add explicit notify() in TelnetInputStream::read(), so available() returns an accurate value. Thanks to tpalkot@gmail.com. rwinston
Add Added SNTP/NTP components into the Commons-Net codebase, courtesy of Jason Matthews. rwinston
Add Added POP3 test suite, courtesy of Mike George mike.george@comcast.net. rwinston
Fix Applied fix for FTPClient returning null for certain timestamp formats (BUG #30737) scohen
Fix Build.xml fixes - dont include example classes in redistributable .jar, remove test dependency from javadoc target, and exclude private members from generated javadoc. rwinston
Fix Fixed bug in TFTPClient::setMaxTimeout(), spotted by steve@widge.net rwinston
Fix Some changes to facilitate compilation under JDK 5.0 dfs
Fix Return correct NNTP article count when high and low watermarks are 0. Spotted by jmordax@terra.es rwinston
Fix Remove trailing null byte in TFTP packets. Thanks to gerard.dens@alcatel.be rwinston
Fix Many javadoc fixes. dfs
Update Allow FTPClient to set transfer buffer size. rwinston
Update Ensure consistent handling of encoding throughout FTPClient operations. Patch submitted by leif@tanukisoftware.com. rwinston
Fix Fix TelnetClient zombie thread issue dfs

Release 1.3.0-dev – July 28, 2004

Type Changes By
Fix Fixed regression from migration to new parsers. Most of the new parsers parsed the file size as an integer instead of a long. Changed all of them to set the size to long. This problem was detected by the reporter of: https://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=30345 dfs

Release 1.2.2 – June 25, 2004

Type Changes By
Fix fixed bug in the way FTPClient.listFiles worked when a directory was not specified. Current directory was not being 'remembered'. This was most problematic in the dependent ftp task of Ant. scohen
Fix fixed handling of certain unusual "special" file types in the Unix parser. scohen

Release 1.2.1 – May 6, 2004

Type Changes By
Fix changed code that rendered package uncompilable under JDK 1.2 scohen

Release 1.2.0 – April 30, 2004

Type Changes By
Fix Mario Ivankovits mario@ops.co.at added functionality supporting correct handling of the "dirstyle" attribute of NT and OS400 servers that allows them to mimic Unix ftp servers. and a bug fix affecting handling of sticky and suid bits on Unix FTP servers. scohen
Add Mario Ivankovits mario@ops.co.at added parser for OS400. scohen
Fix Added a functional junit test testing list parsing against real servers and fix several bugs found through this test. jbrekke,scohen
Add Ted Wise ctwise@bellsouth.net provided a patch to add the XHDR extended NNTP command. dfs
Update Deprecated FTPFileListParser interface, DefaultFTPFileListParser class, and the FTPClient.listFiles methods that accepted an FTPFileListParser parameter. These deprecated classes and methods will be removed in version 2.0. scohen,dfs
Add Added org.apache.commons.net.parser.FTPFileEntryParserFactory interface and a default implementation: DefaultFTPFileEntryParserFactory. This addition facilitates the autodetection of which FTPFileEntryParser to use to generate listings. FTPClient.listFiles methods were added that implement autodetection. scohen

Release 1.1.0 – October 23, 2003

Type Changes By
Add Rory Winston Rory.Winston@telewest.co.uk provided patches to add the following extended NNTP commands to NNTPClient: XOVER, AUTHINFO USER, AUTHINFO PASS, and LIST ACTIVE. dfs
Fix Changed connection hooks for FTP, SMTP, POP3, and NNTP classes to force use of an 8-bit US-ASCII superset (ISO-8859-1) for protocol communication. This was necessary because InputStreamReader and OutputStreamWriter use the default client-side character set encoding. fasselin@ca.ibm.com reported failure of SMTP on OS/390 which has EBCDIC as the native character set. dfs
Fix Applied variation of fix suggested by Matthieu Recouly matthieu.recouly@laposte.net so that UnixFTPEntryParser may handle listings of the form: "drwxr-xr-x 1 usernameftp 512 Jan 29 23:32 prog" where the space between user name and group is omitted. dfs
Fix Applied patch from Stephane Este-Gracias sestegra@free.fr that fixes the parsing of VMS listings by VMSFTPEntryParser.. dfs
Fix If the buffer queue run full, the run() method sometimes hangs forever. Changed wait() to wait(100) as with other changes in TelnetInputStream. Fix submitted From: J. Matysiak ( j.matysiak@cenit.de ). brekke
Fix FTP.smnt(String dir) was not passing on the dir to the SMNT command as an argument. brekke
Add Added a link to the FAQ currently hosted on the Apache Wiki. brekke
Update Changed package private NNTP._reader and NNTP._writer member variables to protected NNTP._reader_ and NNTP._writer_ variables as suggested by issue report 16995 to facilitate extending NNTPClient functionality in subclasses. dfs
Update Changed name of FTPClient.__openDataConnection() to FTPClient._openDataConnection_() to remain consistent with the convention in the code that protected members are of the form _foo_. At some point __openDataConnection() had been changed from private to protected. dfs
Add Added terminal option support to the telnet client with tests. From Bruno D'Avanzo ( b.davanzo@inwind.it ). brekke
Add New parsers merged with mainline with support for old list parsers. scohen

Release 1.0.0 – February 23, 2003

Type Changes By
Add Added a migration document for moving from NetComponents to Commons/Net. brekke
Fix Moved the ftp2 tree with tests to a proposal directory and setup a build for that code. This can grow in this area so users don't think it is production ready. brekke
Fix Cleaned up license header on some source. dfs
Fix Moved .io and .util to .net.io and .net.util in preparation for 1.0 release. dfs
Fix Fixed typo in NNTP.removeProtocolCommandListener() method name. It was missing an L. From: joev@atg.com. dfs
Add Various site updates including this changes doc and publish date information. brekke
Fix Patch for restarting FTP file transfers. The offset was not being sent immediately before the data transfer command on account. The bug was apparently introduced in NetComponents when it was decided to always send a PORT command before each data transfer to avoid socket reuse problems on Windows. From: Tapan Karecha ( tapan@india.hp.com ). dfs
Fix Applied a fix for potential deadlock in TelnetInputStream by changing a wait() to a wait(100). From: Tapan Karecha ( tapan@india.hp.com ). dfs
Update FTP examples now use passive ftp connections. dfs