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Release History

Version Date Description
1.0-beta1 2020-04-05 This is a beta release of Apache Commons Numbers. No guarantees are made regarding the stability of the API or compatibility with future releases. Apache Commons Numbers 1.0-beta1 contains the following library modules: commons-numbers-angle (requires Java 8+) commons-numbers-arrays (requires Java 8+) commons-numbers-combinatorics (requires Java 8+) commons-numbers-complex (requires Java 8+) commons-numbers-core (requires Java 8+) commons-numbers-field (requires Java 8+) commons-numbers-fraction (requires Java 8+) commons-numbers-gamma (requires Java 8+) commons-numbers-primes (requires Java 8+) commons-numbers-quaternion (requires Java 8+) commons-numbers-rootfinder (requires Java 8+)

Release 1.0-beta1 – 2020-04-05

No changes in this release.