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Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
COMMONSSITE-115 "mvn site" fails with commons-parent 46 Bug Fixed Closed
COMMONSSITE-110 [build-plugin] commons:download-page does not account for the artifact name being different from the project name Bug Fixed Resolved
COMMONSSITE-101 Commons Release Plugin Make -Dcommons.release.dryRun=true our commit toggle Bug Fixed Closed
COMMONSSITE-88 Dowload page fixes for build plugin and site Bug Fixed Resolved
COMMONSSITE-85 Site https for images Bug Fixed Resolved
COMMONSSITE-84 Site The link to JIRA on the volunteering page shows "Not Found" Bug Fixed Closed
COMMONSSITE-82 Commons Skin Glitch when project base url is not commons.apache.org Bug Fixed Resolved
COMMONSSITE-74 Commons Build Unable to View JavaDocs on the Web for Several Projects Bug Fixed Closed
COMMONSSITE-73 Commons Parent Pom [commons-parent] upgrade to latest apache-parent 12 and upgrade versions Bug Fixed Resolved
COMMONSSITE-69 Commons parent uses maven.compile.[source|target] rather than maven.compiler.[source|target] Bug Fixed Resolved
COMMONSSITE-57 Site Fix broken link on http://commons.apache.org/mail-lists.html Bug Fixed Resolved
COMMONSSITE-52 Site Deletion of old releases should be deferred to clean-up stage Bug Fixed Resolved
COMMONSSITE-43 Commons Parent Pom Parent POM should define encoding Bug Fixed Resolved
COMMONSSITE-41 Commons Parent Pom Parent POM should not define inception year Bug Fixed Resolved
COMMONSSITE-36 Commons Build Plugin Cannot build commons build plugin due to missing osgi manifest file Bug Fixed Resolved
COMMONSSITE-35 Commons Build Plugin Unable to use commons:jira-page on Windows Bug Fixed Closed
COMMONSSITE-25 Site http://commons.apache.org/license.html problems Bug Fixed Closed
COMMONSSITE-6 [site] custom stylesheet errors with Maven 1.0 Bug Fixed Closed
COMMONSSITE-5 Ant Task page for common-vfs has a typo. Bug Fixed Closed
COMMONSSITE-4 [site] Maven-related updates to the commons site Bug Fixed Closed
COMMONSSITE-3 [site] Update release documentation (Step 12 - Updating Jakarta site) Bug Fixed Closed
COMMONSSITE-2 [all] Maven build fixes Bug Fixed Closed
COMMONSSITE-1 [site] Minor typo on versioning doc Bug Fixed Closed
COMMONSSITE-124 Commons Parent Pom Revert change in commons.scmPubUrl in Parent 47 Improvement Fixed Resolved
COMMONSSITE-98 Commons Release Plugin Create a mojo for staging commons-rng in some form or fashion Improvement Fixed Closed
COMMONSSITE-89 Commons Parent Pom Support both clirr and japicmp Improvement Fixed Closed
COMMONSSITE-81 Commons Build Plugin commons-build-plugin README/CONTRIBUTING.md handle multi-modules Improvement Fixed Resolved
COMMONSSITE-71 Create project for class path scanning Improvement Fixed Closed
COMMONSSITE-58 Site Add url link to GSoC sandbox components in Commons Sandbox index page:http://commons.apache.org/sandbox/index.html Improvement Fixed Resolved
COMMONSSITE-50 Site Document KEYS update process for new RMs Improvement Fixed Resolved
COMMONSSITE-40 Commons Parent Pom Update maven-source-plugin to 2.1 and add default entries to manifest Improvement Fixed Resolved
COMMONSSITE-38 Commons Parent Pom Upgrade to maven-javadoc-plugin 2.5 / *-javadoc.jar Manifest entries Improvement Fixed Resolved
COMMONSSITE-33 Site More details for mailing list page Improvement Fixed Closed
COMMONSSITE-32 Caching QName of Element and Attribute to save memory - was COMMONSSITE-31 now moved to AXIS2-3845 Improvement Fixed Closed
COMMONSSITE-30 Commons Parent Pom Add Module profiles to parent poms Improvement Fixed Resolved
COMMONSSITE-22 Commons Build Maven2 Plugin to generate custom component pages Improvement Fixed Resolved
COMMONSSITE-21 Commons Parent Pom commons-parent-6 pom changes Improvement Fixed Resolved
COMMONSSITE-15 Nightly Only show open voted on issues Improvement Fixed Closed
COMMONSSITE-95 Add mojo to commons-build-plugin to move dists out of deployment to nexus. New Feature Fixed Closed
COMMONSSITE-80 Start RDF Commons New Feature Fixed Resolved
COMMONSSITE-66 Commons Build Plugin Add support for a "commons.release.3" set of properties to offer a 3rd download option New Feature Fixed Closed
COMMONSSITE-64 Commons Skin Add code syntax highlight to commons-skin New Feature Fixed Resolved
COMMONSSITE-23 Commons Parent Pom commons-parent-8 pom changes (OSGi) New Feature Fixed Resolved
COMMONSSITE-20 Site Remove docs/ from svn Task Fixed Closed
COMMONSSITE-8 Nightly Bring back logging for each day Task Fixed Closed
1.12 COMMONSSITE-137 commons-build:all ignores commons.release.hash settings Task Fixed Resolved
1.4 COMMONSSITE-120 Commons Release Plugin [release-plugin] Use SHA-256 and SHA-512, not MD5, not SHA-1 Improvement Fixed Closed
1.9 COMMONSSITE-109 [build-plugin] Add a goal for creating all items for pre-release Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.9 COMMONSSITE-116 Commons Build Plugin [build-plugin] Add a goal for creating the NOTICE.txt file New Feature Fixed Closed
1.8 COMMONSSITE-93 Commons Build Plugin Typo in CONTRIBUTING.md template Bug Fixed Closed
1.8 COMMONSSITE-94 Include JavaDoc badge in READM.md file. Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.8 COMMONSSITE-138 Commons Release Plugin Create Signature Validation script for releases New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.3 COMMONSSITE-117 Commons Release Plugin Do not generate MD5 checksums Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 COMMONSSITE-108 Commons Release Plugin [release-plugin] Have release plugin generate HEADER.html and README.html that accompany releases Bug Fixed Resolved
1.2 COMMONSSITE-107 Commons Release Plugin [release-plugin] Adding incorrect RELEASE-NOTES.txt file/directory to scm. Bug Fixed Closed
1.2 COMMONSSITE-105 Commons Parent Pom [commons-parent] add commons-release-plugin 1.1 Improvement Fixed Closed
44 COMMONSSITE-106 Commons Parent Pom [commons-parent] add spotbugs-maven-plugin version 3.1.3 Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1 COMMONSSITE-104 Commons Release Plugin Commons Release Plugin: generated signature files don't reflect actual signatures. Bug Fixed Closed
1.1 COMMONSSITE-102 Commons Release Plugin Commons Release Plugin doesn't work with Commons Release Plugin Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 COMMONSSITE-91 Commons Build Plugin Build plugin does not pass the JIRA_ID property when generating README.md Bug Fixed Closed
40 COMMONSSITE-87 Commons Parent needs to run assembly plugin later Bug Fixed Resolved
1.5-SNAPSHOT COMMONSSITE-122 Commons Release Plugin [release-plugin] stage-distributions mojo assumes site directory has basename 'site' Bug Fixed Resolved
1.5-SNAPSHOT COMMONSSITE-123 Commons Release Plugin [release-plugin] introduce configuration parameter to perfom distribution checkin using Maven settings server credentials Improvement Fixed Resolved
18 COMMONSSITE-29 Commons Parent Pom Link Javadocs to official Java API Improvement Fixed Resolved
17 COMMONSSITE-60 Commons Parent Pom Profile "rc" lost ability to release to /www/people.apache.org/builds/commons; "ci" dropped unnecessarily Bug Fixed Resolved
16 COMMONSSITE-55 Commons Parent Pom Enable deployment to local folder New Feature Fixed Resolved
14 COMMONSSITE-48 Commons Build Plugin Build Plugin: provide a facility to add a second release to the download page Improvement Fixed Resolved
14 COMMONSSITE-49 Commons Parent Pom Add Java compile & test profiles New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.6 COMMONSSITE-128 Commons Release Plugin Release plugin should work when SCM directories contain empty folders that twould be reused Wish Fixed Closed