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Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
VALIDATOR-466 An update is needed of generic TLDS in DomainValidator Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-314 Routines org.apache.commons.validator.DateValidator and format "ww/yyyy" for week 01/2013 Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-294 Routines NPE in CodeValidator.validate(null) if RE is null but min or max are not -1 Bug Fixed Resolved
VALIDATOR-104 Email address validation incorrectly accepts commas Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-101 [validator] EmailValidator allows apostrophes in domain name Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-100 example apps in same package as implementation Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-99 Email Validation doesn't allow .info Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-97 [validator] Javascript mask validator fails when field is disabled Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-95 [validator] Email validation fails for top level domains > 3 chars Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-94 NPE in Validator.java after upgrading to Struts 1.1b3 Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-92 [validator] Dependencies HTML Broken Links Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-88 Validator returns nulls in JavaScript validation Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-87 GenericValidator & GenericTypeValidator unused variables & JavaDoc Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-86 [validator] GenericTypeValidator does not accept negative Floats/Doubles Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-85 EmailValidator - valid email address fails Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-83 Cannot use same name for field and validator, validator is never invoked Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-81 [validator] JS Validation fails on CSS hidden elements. Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-77 [validator] DTD incorrectly requires (field)+ for a derived form should be (field)* Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-75 [Validator] validation breaks on multiple validation.xml (eg. with Struts 1.3) Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-70 Incorrect JavaDoc & unused variables Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-65 Validator doesn't pick up message replacement args Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-62 i18n issue, variant not being picked up by Validator Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-61 [validator] Locale validation doesn't validate all fields (improper form processing) Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-60 [validator] Disabled is Undefined in netscape 4.7 Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-59 [validator] Int validation in Java and Javascript have different semantics Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-56 Tests for dependent validators [PATCH] Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-54 [validator] javascript email domain length limited to 2 or 3 chars Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-53 isEmail accepts Umlauts and other non-ASCII characters Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-50 [validator] Email validator valids email with whitespace Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-49 [Validator] ValidatorResult.getActionMap() or ValidatorResult.getActions() only contain last run dependency per field Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-48 [validator] Syntax/logic errors in UrlValidator javadoc example Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-47 Attempt to modify FastHashMap while in fast mode through iterator. Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-46 Email Validation doesn't allow '-' in address Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-42 Validator throws unhelpful NPE if not configured in struts-config Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-40 Digester unable to resolve external DTD Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-38 Use of Digester Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-37 Fix for Maven build Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-36 unknown host when loading app Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-34 [Validator] Update jakarta-site2 with Validator 1.1.4 Release Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-33 [Validator] Javascript Validation currently uses unsupported DOM method getAttributeNode("name"). Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-32 [validator] datePattern not supported by JavaScript Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-31 [email] Valid email does not pass the check Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-30 [validator] API Bug in org.apache.commons.validator.ValidatorResult Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-25 [validator] maxlength on textarea in firefox the javascript doesn't match serverside Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-24 Javascript validation doesn't work if a form field is called "name" Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-23 Validator Range Checking Bug Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-20 [validator] validator argument - resource="false" ignored Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-18 [validator] Validation in MSIE5.0 Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-16 ValidatorAction class issue Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-14 Validator.validate() exception handling for ValidatorException Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-13 If two fields are required, and one has a mask, the mask is not checked if the other field is blank Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-6 [validator] validateRequired on a single radio button Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-3 [Validator] Search the locale 'hierarchy' of formsets for a Form Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-1 [validator] Float validator can't validate the string with several dot Bug Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-447 Routines ISBN style numbers outside ISBN range returning true for isValid Improvement Fixed Resolved
VALIDATOR-403 CreditCard Accept Discover cards of 17 digits long that start with 6011 Improvement Fixed Resolved
VALIDATOR-185 [validator] Request public methods to access constants in ValidatorResources Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-184 [PATCHES] Add URL Validation with Unit tests Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-183 Support required hidden fields. Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-182 [PATCH] Remove unused variable Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-181 [validator] More informative Exception message Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-179 [validator] Declaration of Locale (language/country) in validation.xml ignored Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-175 Field class Msg access mod Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-174 Validate Diners Club, Carte Blanche, and JCB cards Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-161 [validator] XML file included into validation.xml via entity reference not found Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-158 [validator] Field::validate() cannot be invoked from user-defined code Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-156 Validator forces Digester debugging to true Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-152 JavaScript: Support 'mask' for file upload fields. Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-148 [validator] Client-side validation fails if not all form-fields are specified on page Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-147 PATCH: Allow validators to have access to form bean Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-145 [validator] Add ISBNValidator Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-142 [validator] compress javascript Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-139 Tests for dependent validators + Refactoring Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-137 Allow validators to register errors for multiple fields Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-135 Add support for min or max numeric values Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-132 validator & inheritance Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-131 Not all validation files are read in Validation PlugIn Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-124 [validator] Handling of float and double should use the locale object Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-117 [validator] DTDs are not in the 1.1.3 source tar ball, although build.xml expects to find them Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-114 [validator] Email: inexisting dashes and TLD erroneously accepted Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-113 Add GenericValidator.isInRange for long, byte primitive types Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-112 Missing access method to ValidatorResult$ResultStatus.result attribute Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-110 add link/info for Struts Console to website Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-108 [validator] Enable variables <var> to come from Resource Bundles Improvement Fixed Closed
VALIDATOR-212 Can somebody upload commons-validator 1.3.1 sources jar to the apache repository Task Fixed Closed
1.8.0 VALIDATOR-488 Framework Javadoc error at CheckDigit Bug Fixed Resolved
1.8.0 VALIDATOR-486 the IBAN validator does not support all the IBAN supported countries Bug Fixed Resolved
1.8.0 VALIDATOR-479 Routines Typo in html /routines/package-summary.html Bug Fixed Resolved
1.8.0 VALIDATOR-477 Add IBAN validator for LY – Libya and SD - Sudan Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.7 VALIDATOR-472 Routines UrlValidator should not be more lax than java.net.URI Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 VALIDATOR-471 Allow DomainValidator overrides at run-time Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 VALIDATOR-469 Framework Domain validator is not up to date with latest TLD (Top Level domain) list Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 VALIDATOR-468 DomainValidator.getTLDArray does not synch mutable arrays Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 VALIDATOR-467 Routines URL validator fails if path starts with double slash and has underscores Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 VALIDATOR-464 Routines UrlValidator says "file://bad ^ domain.com/label/test" is valid. Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 VALIDATOR-461 Generic .gmbh top level domain is considered invalid Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 VALIDATOR-458 commons-beanutils version 1.9.2 is having vulnerabilities upgrade it to the latest one Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 VALIDATOR-457 Email validation is failing when the domain name is "llc" (Limited Liability option) Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 VALIDATOR-452 Validation of URL containing IPv4-mapped IPv6 address Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 VALIDATOR-449 Routines Leading and trailing spaces in EmailValidator should not be valid Bug Fixed Closed