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Rat (Release Audit Tool) results

The following document contains the results of Rat (Release Audit Tool).

Generated at: 2021-07-16T23:43:58-04:00

Notes: 0
Binaries: 0
Archives: 0
Standards: 3

Apache Licensed: 3
Generated Documents: 0

JavaDocs are generated, thus a license header is optional.
Generated files do not require license headers.

0 Unknown Licenses

  Files with Apache License headers will be marked AL
  Binary files (which do not require any license headers) will be marked B
  Compressed archives will be marked A
  Notices, licenses etc. will be marked N
  AL    /Users/garydgregory/git/commons-vfs/commons-vfs2-distribution/pom.xml
  AL    /Users/garydgregory/git/commons-vfs/commons-vfs2-distribution/src/assembly/src.xml
  AL    /Users/garydgregory/git/commons-vfs/commons-vfs2-distribution/src/assembly/bin.xml