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Proper components may be moved to dormant for a number of reasons including:

  • No development activity for a long while
  • Better alternatives are available either as open source libraries or in newer releases of the JDK
To move a component to dormant a number of thinks have to be taken care of. This page explains what is necessary to move a proper component to dormant.


If you feel that one of the proper components could be moved to dormant you should first ask the dev ML. Start a [DISCUSS] explaining the rational for moving the component to dormant. A good indicator for lacking development activity may be svnsearch. If there are no objecttions against moving the component for formal vote should be called:

      Hi all,

      as discussed, I'd like to propose to move Apache Commons Foo to dormant.

      - some reasons
      - ...

      So please cast your votes:
      This vote will close no sooner that 72 hours from now,
      i.e. after 21:30 UTC 14 March 2014       [Please only use UTC!]

      [ ] +1 Move Commons Foo to dormant
      [ ] +/-0 I'm undecided on this concern
      [ ] -1 No, do NOT move Commons Foo to dormant (because....)

      <your name>

Moving the component

If the vote for moving the component to dormant was successful you can start with the actual work.

Now that proper components use Git, there is no need to move the code to a different location. To be decided how to flag the Git repo as dormant - perhaps change the title using .asf.yaml?

Move the website:

      svn mv -m "Move commons foo website to dormant"

Update references on the main website. The following pages have to be modified (relative to this document):

  • ../site.xml
  • components.xml
  • dormant.xml
  • index.xml.vm
  • downloads/index.xml

Also update the redirects in the file:


The DOAP reference needs to be removed from:



After the component has been moved, an announcement should be send to dev@ and users@


      Since no development has happened for a long while, the Apache Commons Foo component
      has been moved to dormant. No further development is expected.

      The website has moved from:

      <your name>, on behalf of the Apache Commons community