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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
JXPATH-151 null handling is inconsistent Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-149 relational operations do not function properly when comparing a non-Iterator LHS to an Iterator RHS Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-143 JXPathContext.iterate does not work with null value in LazyDynaBean Bug Fixed Closed
JXPATH-142 DynamicBean with null name property Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-140 Error in loop of NamespaceResolver Bug Fixed Closed
JXPATH-135 Potential infinite loop in NamespaceResolver.getPrefix() Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-133 Cloning the node pointers and '==' node pointers comparison Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-54 [JXPATH] Pointer invalid after iterating over Pointers referencing atomic values Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-53 ConvertUtils instead of TypeUtils Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-52 not() function not working correctly Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-51 second call to hasNext() on DOM Iterator causes NPE Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-49 JXPathContextReferenceImpl not thread safe Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-48 Bug in context leniency inheritance Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-47 "setValue" method broken ? Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-43 JXPathContext.createPath() does work for field of multiplicity > 1 Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-41 Missing class org.apache.commons.jxpath.servlet.Util Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-39 DynamicPropertyHandler and Collections bug Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-35 JXPathIntrospector Method JXPathIntrospector.getBeanInfo doesn't find correct JXPathBeanInfo Objects Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-31 Problem with Pointer asPath method using dynamic beans Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-29 null pointer exception in org.apache.commons.jxpath.ri.model.dom.DOMNodePointer when setting a value Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-27 Locale related TestCases fail Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-26 pointers obtained from iteratePointers() fails to setValue() Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-24 Exception using asPath() Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-23 Problem with creating DOM attributes Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-22 Parent axis of dynamic property beans Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-21 Child not created when setting attribute Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-20 [jxpath] JXPathContext.removeAll() doesn't remove all (just one) Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-16 JXPathException: Exception trying to create xpath Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-15 JXPathContextFactory doesn't cache most common result of search Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-14 JXPathContext.getValue(String xpath) does not through JXPathException when it should Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-13 ValueUtils.setValue() method has ex.printStackTrace() Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-11 Handling setValue for Collections and arrays Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-8 Better integration with ConvertUtils Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-7 number() function doesn't work correctly on Boolean variable Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-1 getValue() and iterate() are not consistent Bug Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-65 Allow accessor to throw exceptions Improvement Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-64 [jxpath] removal of nodes Improvement Fixed Closed
JXPATH-63 Improving MapDynamicPropertyHandler Improvement Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-62 [jxpath] createPath should return a Pointer Improvement Fixed Closed
JXPATH-60 JXPathContext should allow creation of instances with no bean context associated Improvement Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-59 use SKIP instead of SPECIAL_TOKEN in parser? Improvement Fixed Closed
JXPATH-57 evaluate xpath expressions in functions Improvement Fixed Resolved
JXPATH-56 [jxpath] createPath without value Improvement Fixed Closed
JXPATH-55 unnecessary reflection Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.4, Nightly Builds JXPATH-166 JXPathContextReferenceImpl.addNodePointerFactory not working anymore Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 JXPATH-154 Resetting the default namespace causes a serious endless loop when requesting .asPath() on a node. Bug Fixed Resolved
1.4 JXPATH-153 Wrong entry IMPORT-PACKAGE in the file MANIFEST.MF for jdom and commons-beanutils Bug Fixed Resolved
1.4 JXPATH-152 Concurrent access on hashmap of JXPathIntrospector Bug Fixed Resolved
1.4 JXPATH-128 JXPath support for LazyDynaBean is broken. Bug Fixed Resolved
1.4 JXPATH-125 JXPathContext.iteratePointers() does not work with multiple prefixes for a single namespace URI Bug Fixed Resolved
1.4 JXPATH-141 FunctionLibrary Multithreading issue Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.4 JXPATH-132 "ends-with" XPath function is not implemented (although "starts-with" is) Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.4 JXPATH-131 Bean exception handling Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.4 JXPATH-127 Change dynamic class loading to consult context class loader. Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-123 Regression: "fix" made to NamespaceResolver broke existing testcases Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-120 ClassCastException in ServletRequestHandler.setProperty() Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-115 Issue with attribute:: Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-114 node() implementation in DOM and JDOM model Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-111 ClassCastException in PrecedingOrFollowingContext Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-109 Namespaced attribute not selected with wildcard Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-107 RCN: Nullcheck of NodePointer.parent of value previously dereferenced in PropertyOwnerPointer.setValue(Object) Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-106 Typo in JXPathException.getMessage() Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-105 BasicNodeSet.getNodes() returns values instead of nodes ? Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-104 selectSingleNode() from a map should not select map values keyed by strings with embedded colons using namespaced element syntax Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-102 Core rounding functions don't handle NaN or infinite values correctly Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-101 Original context from VariableContextWrapper is not visible Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-100 Core union operation does not sort result nodes according to document order Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-97 Incomplete handling of undefined namespaces Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-95 Comparing with NaN is incorrect Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-94 equality test for multi-valued variables does not conform to spec Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-93 Binary operators behaviour involving node-sets is incorrect Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-89 Cannot compare pointers that do not belong to the same tree Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-87 xmlURL field not set in XMLDocumentContainer Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 JXPATH-85 Restore binary compatibility with JXPath 1.2 Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-84 reserved word enum is used Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-83 JXpath automatically trims string values Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-76 CompiledExpression not completely thread-safe Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-73 ValueUtils should catch IndexOutOfBoundsException instead of ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException (for XmlBeans support) Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-70 Javadoc missing from distribution Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-68 StackOverflow error on a call to 'JXPathContext.createPath()' Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-50 does not properly handle NodeSet returned by extension function Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-46 NullPointerException Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-40 Problem in namespace handling Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-38 ClassFunctions throws NPE searching for a function in null ns Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-37 JXPathException cause Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-30 Source instructions on web site are wrong Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-17 JXPathContext.iteratePointers("//*") results are incorrect Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-12 Descendant or self axis does not work correctly at root node Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-10 JXPath 1.1 code using custom functions failing when run in 1.2 onwards Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-5 asPath() returns a path to the last sibling Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-2 Using JXPath in multiple threads Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-124 Make buildContextChain method of Path class protected Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-108 problems with NodeSet returned from custom function. Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-91 KeyManager should support nodeset selection Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-88 Add getPrefix(String namespaceURI) to JXPathContext Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-75 The dependency for xerces in commons-jxpath-1.2.pom is too old Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.3 JXPATH-96 Extract VariablePointerFactory interface New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.0 Final JXPATH-36 Variable evaluation problem ? Bug Fixed Resolved