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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
LOGGING-149 Add documentation on how to use commons logging in OSGi environments Improvement Fixed Closed
1.2 LOGGING-157 Fix javadoc 1.8 errors and some warnings Bug Fixed Resolved
1.2 LOGGING-156 SecurityAllowedTestCase is failing Bug Fixed Resolved
1.2 LOGGING-37 [logging] LogFactory#getLogFactory should not look for method every time Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.3 LOGGING-151 Invalid OSGi bundle id Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.2 LOGGING-148 LogFactory.diagnosticPrefix and diagnosticsStream could be final Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.2 LOGGING-147 SimpleLog.log - unsafe update of shortLogName Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.2 LOGGING-146 LogFactory.nullClassLoaderFactory is not properly synchronized Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.2 LOGGING-145 LogFactoryImpl.setAttribute - possible NPE Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.2 LOGGING-144 LogFactory/LogFactoryImpl ingore Throwable Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.2 LOGGING-142 Log4JLogger uses deprecated static members of Priority such as INFO Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.2 LOGGING-135 Thread-safety improvements Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.2 LOGGING-132 Jdk14Logger wrapper does not respect logger name Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.2 LOGGING-130 Potential missing privileged block for class loader Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.2 LOGGING-127 don't use setDefaultUseCaches() but setUseCaches() in LogFactory.getProperties() Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.2 LOGGING-119 deadlock on re-registration of logger Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.2 LOGGING-138 Show stacktrace for flawed discovery in diagnostic messages Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1.2 LOGGING-133 Allow subclassing of Jdk14Logger Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1.2 LOGGING-128 Static analysis suggests a number of potential improvements Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1.2 LOGGING-126 Within Tomcat 5.x implementation, under Windows ONLY Commons-logging forbids hot deployment due to JAR locking Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1.2 LOGGING-124 Commons logging does not work in an osgi environment Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1.1 LOGGING-117 Unit tests fail on linux with java16 Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.1 LOGGING-115 NPE thrown due to exception message logging Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.1 LOGGING-107 AccessController use Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.1 LOGGING-106 AccessControlException when loading LogFactory class without system properties permission Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.1 LOGGING-118 Generate source and binary archives Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1.1 LOGGING-113 pom.xml in maven repository does not list dependencies as optional Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1.1 LOGGING-111 Small patch to make debugging easier Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-80 [logging][PATCH] Javadoc for jul.Log interface Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-75 [logging] LogFactory is not thread-safe Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-73 [logging] TCCL problem in J2EE Container Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-69 [logging] Various improvements to generated documentation Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-68 Incorrect test for availability of log4j Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-67 [Logging] Improvements to maven build Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-65 [logging] Disabling of TCCL Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-58 [logging] null pointer exception in LogFactory.getLog Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-55 [all] exclude package.html files from the distribution jars Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-53 [logging]Need for parent-child classloader relationship prevent JBoss startup Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-51 [logging] Memory leaks in JBoss due to LogFactory cache Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-47 [logging][PATCH] Improvements to wrapper classes Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-42 [logging] setUpHandlers leaves handlers null pointer Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-39 [logging] Ant build script does not create commons-logging-optional.jar Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-38 [logging] SimpleLog undocumented: no answer to question "how do you switch it on?" Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-33 getClassLoader() returns null at a critical point under certain conditions Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-25 [logging] call to getClassLoader() in LogFactoryImpl not checked for null Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-20 [logging] LoadTest not included in ant based unit tests Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-18 [logging] Can't find commons-logging-optional.jar Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-14 [logging] LogConfigurationException double wrapped Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-13 [logging] NullPointException when Logger.getClassLoader returns null Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-9 [logging] Log.trace() doesn't use log4j 1.3 trace methods Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-4 [logging] LogFactoryImpl does not compile on JDK1.2 Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-102 [logging] Provide better error message than "No suitable Log implementation" Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-98 [logging][PATCH] Improvements to LogFactoryImpl Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-96 [logging] Include class loader information when LogFactoryImpl throws LogConfigurationException. Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-87 [logging] Add MemoryLog Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1.0 LOGGING-82 [logging][PATCH]Additions to classloading discussion in the tech guide Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0.4 LOGGING-79 [logging] Online JCL 1.0.4 API Javadoc missing Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.4 LOGGING-78 [logging] The Log4JCategoryLog class does not get Serialized in WLS 8.1. Given below is the stackTrace Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.4 LOGGING-74 Commons logging jar files causes weblogic to throw errors Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.4 LOGGING-70 [logging] small bug in guide.html Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.4 LOGGING-64 Wrong sample code in org/apache/commons/logging/package.html (using static and this.class) Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.4 LOGGING-62 [logging][PATCH] JavaDoc corrections Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.4 LOGGING-49 MANIFEST.MF references invalid log4j-core.jar Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.4 LOGGING-36 [logging] Wrong version for dependency avalon-framework in project.xml Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.4 LOGGING-32 [PATCH][logging] Spelling errors and other errors in the JavaDoc documentation Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.4 LOGGING-24 [commons-logging] Class-Path entry produces StringIndexOutOfBoundsExceptions Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.4 LOGGING-17 [logging] SimpleLog.java adds extra - characters Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.4 LOGGING-11 [logging][PATCH] Enable the configuration of date and time format in SimpleLog Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.4 LOGGING-2 exception when logging in JDK 1.3 with Lumberjack Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.4 LOGGING-93 [logging] Broken link report (eight 404s) Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0.4 LOGGING-90 [logging] org.apache.commons.logging.impl.LogFactoryImpl does not provide enough information on an InvocationTargetException in the newInstance() method. Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0.4 LOGGING-86 [logging] SimpleLog log method should defer writing for better reuse! Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0.4 LOGGING-83 [logging] Enhance error message for " org.apache.commons.logging.impl.Log4JLogger does not implement Log" Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0.3 LOGGING-72 LogFactoryImpl.guessConfig overrides configuration Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.3 LOGGING-66 Deprecation in 1.0.2 Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.3 LOGGING-60 .zip file actually a .tar.gz file Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.3 LOGGING-48 Checking for JDK 1.4 Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.3 LOGGING-46 build.xml line 252 references file `LICENSE' in wrong place Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.3 LOGGING-45 Default LogFactory Implementation fails for Log4J : ClassCastException Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.3 LOGGING-44 LogFactory property with Log4j Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.3 LOGGING-41 Remove default log4j configuration Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.3 LOGGING-31 [PATCH] [logging] build.xml does not exclude Log4JLogger when jar not present Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.3 LOGGING-26 Security policy configuration, SimpleLog uses System.getProperties() Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.3 LOGGING-22 NullPointerException in LogFactory Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.3 LOGGING-12 Jdk14Logger extremely slow due to method name extraction Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.3 LOGGING-6 getResourceAsStream access permissions in J2EE environs Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.3 LOGGING-92 LogFactoryImpl javadoc says default NoOpLog, but really SimpleLog Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0.2 LOGGING-61 contextClassLoader null returned in LogFactory.java Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.2 LOGGING-50 Corrupted Source Zip: commons-logging-1.0.2-src.zip Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.1 LOGGING-76 Jdk14Logger Throws NullPointerException Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.1 LOGGING-35 Logging has a NPE when security prevents property reading Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.1 LOGGING-10 SimpleLog uses getSystemResourceAsStream to load props Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.1 LOGGING-3 Using Log4J as impl. gives linenumbers in Log4JCategoryLog , not class that does the logging. Bug Fixed Closed