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Release History

Version Date Description
1.4.1 TBA TBA
1.4.0 2012-02-03 JDK 1.4 (minimum)
1.3.1 2006-11-28 1.3 Maintenance Release.
1.3.0 2006-03-24 1.3 Release - New 'routines' package plus Bug fixes for 1.2.0
1.2.0 2005-11-15 1.2 Release - see http://wiki.apache.org/commons/ValidatorVersion120
1.1.4 2004-11-12 1.1 Maintenance Release.
1.1.3 2004-08-25 1.1 Release
1.1.2 (alpha) 2004-04-03 1.1 Alpha
1.1.1 (alpha) 2003-12-15 1.1 Alpha
1.1.0 (alpha) 2003-08-26 1.1 Alpha
1.0.2 2003-04-17 1.0 Maintenance Release
1.0.1 2002-12-16 1.0 Maintenance Release
1.0 2002-11-01 1.0 Release

Release 1.4.1 - TBA

Type Changes By
fix IBANCheckDigitTest.createInvalidCodes(String[] codes) uses wrong values Fixes VALIDATOR-331. sebb

Release 1.4.0 - 2012-02-03

Type Changes By
fix CheckStyle and FindBug Issues - inner classes and key sets Fixes VALIDATOR-301. Thanks to Jacob Zwiers. simonetripodi
fix Email validation fails with dash or hyphen at end of local address Fixes VALIDATOR-293. Thanks to Will Glass-Husain. nick
fix @localhost and @localhost.localdomain email addresses aren't correctly detected as valid Fixes VALIDATOR-292. nick
fix UrlValidator.isValid does not properly validate *.travel domains Fixes VALIDATOR-289. Thanks to GM. nick
update UrlValidator does not validate URL with simple domains (eg: http://hostname ) Fixes VALIDATOR-288. Thanks to feroze daud. niallp
fix isValid method for EmailValidator should return false for domain with special characters only Fixes VALIDATOR-286. nick
fix formatDate(String value, Locale locale) in GenericTypeValidator uses DateFormat.SHORT instead of DateFormat.DEFAULT Fixes VALIDATOR-282. nick
fix isValidURL call returns false for file scheme/protocol when URL is correct Fixes VALIDATOR-276. nick
fix gmail testing addresses do not validate Fixes VALIDATOR-271. Thanks to Ralf Hauser. nick
update EmailValidator.isValid(String) follows RFC822 but violates RFC1034 Fixes VALIDATOR-275. Thanks to Adam Gordon. niallp
update Performance improvement of DomainValidator by change the regular expression Fixes VALIDATOR-252. Thanks to Makoto Uchino. bspeakmon
update url with brackets is not validated thru URLvalidator class. Fixes VALIDATOR-251. Thanks to Meenal Gupta. niallp
update Banking CheckDigit implementations: ABA, CUSIP, IBAN, ISIN and Sedol Fixes VALIDATOR-250. niallp
update Add Diners card validation to CreditCardValidator Fixes VALIDATOR-249. niallp
update Add an option to allow 'localhost' as a valid hostname part in the URL Fixes VALIDATOR-248. Thanks to Sergey Nebolsin. bspeakmon
update Move CreditCardValidator to routines package and refactor to use new CodeValidator Fixes VALIDATOR-247. Thanks to bspeakmon. niallp
update Move EmailValidator to routines package Fixes VALIDATOR-242. bspeakmon
update New InetAdress Validator implementation Fixes VALIDATOR-241. Thanks to niallp. bspeakmon
update Support the 65 prefix for Discover Card Fixes VALIDATOR-240. Thanks to Webb Morris. niallp
update Create 1.4 DTD Fixes VALIDATOR-234. Thanks to Paul Benedict. niallp
update Switch to using Version 0.4.3 of the Dojo Compressor from the maven repo Fixes VALIDATOR-233. Thanks to Paul Benedict. niallp
update Add script attribute to control script generation Fixes VALIDATOR-232. Thanks to Paul Benedict. bspeakmon
fix clirr Report - EmailValidator.isValidIpAddress() argument type change Fixes VALIDATOR-300. Thanks to Jacob Zwiers. nick
fix Null-Stream input to ValidatorResources leads to MalformedURLExceptions Fixes VALIDATOR-226. Thanks to Lian Ort. niallp
update validatorUtilities.js - replace colon characters in the function name (JSF/Shale) Fixes VALIDATOR-224. Thanks to Hasan Turksoy. niallp
update Move the trim() function from validateRequired.js to validateUtilities.js Fixes VALIDATOR-223. Thanks to Hasan Turksoy. niallp
fix EmailValidator fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on domain names longer than 10 segments Fixes VALIDATOR-220. Thanks to Adam Gordon. niallp
fix UrlValidator fail when path contains "(" / ")" Fixes VALIDATOR-218. Thanks to Stephen Chu. bspeakmon
fix UrlValidator rejects top-level domains (TLDs) with more than 4 characters Fixes VALIDATOR-216. Thanks to Kenji Matsuoka. bspeakmon
add New generic CodeValidator that validates format, length and Check Digit for a code Fixes VALIDATOR-215. niallp
add New Regular Expression validator using JDK 1.4's Regex Fixes VALIDATOR-214. niallp
add Factor out Check Digit logic into separate implementations Fixes VALIDATOR-213. niallp
update Upgrade to Digester 1.8 Fixes VALIDATOR-211. niallp
update Refactor UrlValidator - especially the line 370-ish. Fixes VALIDATOR-203. Thanks to bayard. bspeakmon
update Copy remaining Validation Routines to the new routines package Fixes VALIDATOR-197. niallp
update Removing ORO dep. from GenericValidator Fixes VALIDATOR-193. Thanks to Matthias Wessendorf. bspeakmon
update Adding ISBNValidator to GenericValidator Fixes VALIDATOR-192. Thanks to Matthias Wessendorf. niallp
update Remove the dependency on Jakarta ORO (move to JDK 1.4 regular expression support) Fixes VALIDATOR-191. Thanks to Matthias Wessendorf. niallp
update Extend ISBN validator to support smooth transition to ISBN-13 / EAN-13 standard Fixes VALIDATOR-188. Thanks to Gabriel Belingueres. niallp
update support and remove the dependency on Jakarta ORO. niallp

Release 1.3.1 - 2006-11-28

Type Changes By
update niallp
fix JavaScript function jcv_isFieldPresent() causes error in IE5 using "undefined". Fixes VALIDATOR-208. Thanks to Leo Asanov. niallp
fix Fixes VALIDATOR-190. niallp
fix JavaScript Causes HTML Page to Contain Illegal HTML. Fixes VALIDATOR-210. Thanks to Neil Sherman. niallp
update Additional constructor for ValidatorResources that takes URL["> instead of String[">. Fixes VALIDATOR-209. Thanks to Craig McClanahan. niallp
fix Fix loading of Digester rules for custom ValidatorResources implementations. Fixes VALIDATOR-195. Thanks to Vijay Pandey. niallp
fix Validator incorrectly storing itself under the FORM_PARAM key rather than the Form. Fixes VALIDATOR-19. Thanks to Masahiro Honda. niallp
fix Urlvalidator returns false for a valid URL containing an underscore. Fixes VALIDATOR-204. Thanks to Ben. bayard
fix Urlvalidator fails with an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException. Fixes VALIDATOR-202. Thanks to Ben. bayard
fix The ant build.xml doesn't include validator_1_1_3.dtd in the jar. Fixes VALIDATOR-199. Thanks to Tim Mulligan. niallp
fix Example does not compile using ant build script. Fixes VALIDATOR-198. Thanks to Matthias Fischer. niallp
fix . Fixes VALIDATOR-189. Thanks to Thomas Bailey. niallp
fix Fix a thread safety issue in parameter initialization. Fixes VALIDATOR-89. Thanks to Takayuki Kaneko. martinc

Release 1.3.0 - 2006-03-24

Type Changes By
fix ValidatorResult only contains last run dependency for the field. Fixes VALIDATOR-49. Thanks to bart vandendriessche. niallp
fix Validator argument - resource="false" ignored for arg0 - arg3. Fixes VALIDATOR-20. Thanks to Rostislav Palivoda. niallp
fix (an issue in Netscape 4.7). Fixes VALIDATOR-60. Thanks to Yugandhar. niallp
add niallp
add Deprecate ValidatorResult's getActionMap() and add getActions() method to provide an Iterator of the set of action names. Fixes VALIDATOR-30. niallp
add . Fixes VALIDATOR-142. Thanks to Michael Rush. niallp
fix Prefix remaining JavaScript utility methods with "jcv_" to reduce the likelihood of clashes with other libraries - validator still needs to be properly namespaced (as per Bug 38184). niallp
fix Fixes VALIDATOR-163. niallp
fix Fix min/max length validation for different line endings. Fixes VALIDATOR-25. Thanks to Alan Olmanson. niallp
fix Fix email validator to not allow spaces at the end of the user component or start of the domain component. Fixes VALIDATOR-50. Thanks to Stephanie Codron. niallp
add Added validator_1_3_0.dtd and changed form rules so that a minimum of one field is no longer required (i.e. changed (field+) to (field*) for a form). Fixes VALIDATOR-77. Thanks to Neale. niallp
fix Resolve issue in JavaScript validation when the prototype library is used. Fixes VALIDATOR-109. Thanks to Philippe Mouawad. niallp
fix niallp
fix for more details. niallp
fix Reverse change for to Credit Card Validator for visa card blue in France. Fixes VALIDATOR-39. niallp
fix Fix JavaScript validation for Internet Explorer 5.0. Fixes VALIDATOR-18. Thanks to Kristian L. Petersen. niallp

Release 1.2.0 - 2005-11-15

Type Changes By
add Added ISBNValidator for validating book numbers. Fixes VALIDATOR-145. dgraham
update (BeanUtils 1.7.0 has removed its dependency on Collections by including the few Collections classes required in its distribution). dgraham
add Add support for min or max numeric values. Fixes VALIDATOR-135. husted
add Allow validators to register errors for multiple fields. Fixes VALIDATOR-137. husted
fix Fixed EmailValidator failing on valid email addresses. Fixes VALIDATOR-85. husted
add Allow forms to inherit validation rules from other forms. Fixes VALIDATOR-132. rleland
add Remove the need to specify an Arguement's position. Fixes VALIDATOR-166. niallp
add Deprecated all FastHashMap usage and provided protected get methods that return generic Maps to be used by subclasses. Fixes VALIDATOR-185. dgraham
fix mrdon
update More informative Exception message when validation method not found. Fixes VALIDATOR-181. mrdon
fix Client-side required validation inconsistent with server-side. Fixes VALIDATOR-148. mrdon
fix EmailValidator allows apostrophes in domain name. Fixes VALIDATOR-101. mrdon
fix mrdon
fix mrdon
fix UrlValidator fails http://www.google.com. Fixes VALIDATOR-27. mrdon
fix mrdon
fix Float validator can't validate the string with several dot. Fixes VALIDATOR-1. mrdon
fix CreditValidator does not handle Visa correctly. Fixes VALIDATOR-39. mrdon
fix datePattern not supported by JavaScript. Fixes VALIDATOR-32. mrdon
fix validateRequired on a single radio button. Fixes VALIDATOR-6. mrdon
fix Field.validate() cannot be invoked from user-defined code. Fixes VALIDATOR-158. mrdon
fix mrdon
fix XML file included into validation.xml via entity reference not found. Fixes VALIDATOR-161. mrdon
fix Update maven build to Include DTDs and xdocs in the source distribution. Fixes VALIDATOR-117. niallp
fix Remove logging of exceptions when the Date validation fails (correctly) with an invalid date. niallp
fix Add version 1.1.3 of the DTD from the VALIDATOR_1_1_2_BRANCH and change digester rules so that the old arg0-arg3 values are not ignored for versions of the DTD prior to 1.2.0. niallp
add Add 'resource' and 'bundle' elements to the 1.2.0 DTD. Fixes VALIDATOR-108. niallp
add Provide access to the result object in ValidatorResult. Fixes VALIDATOR-172. niallp
fix Validation breaks on multiple validation.xml (eg. with Struts 1.3). Fixes VALIDATOR-75. niallp
fix GenericTypeValidator does not accept negative Floats/Doubles. Fixes VALIDATOR-86. niallp
fix correct UrlValidator JavaDoc. Fixes VALIDATOR-48. niallp
add Search the locale 'hierarchy' of formsets for a Form. Fixes VALIDATOR-3. niallp
fix Int validation in Java and Javascript have different semantics. Fixes VALIDATOR-59. niallp
fix Javascript Validation currently uses unsupported DOM method getAttributeNode(). Fixes VALIDATOR-33. niallp

Release 1.1.4 - 2004-11-12

Type Changes By
add Added getMessage(key) and getMessages() methods to Field Fixes VALIDATOR-175. niallp
add Added resource property (including getter/setter) to Msg to support the 'resource' attribute specified in the DTD. niallp

Release 1.1.3 - 2004-08-25

Type Changes By
fix Fixed javascript file reading in Java WebStart environment. Fixes VALIDATOR-16. dgraham
fix Fixed javascript email domain length limited to 2 or 3 chars. Fixes VALIDATOR-54. mrdon

Release 1.1.2 (alpha) - 2004-04-03

Type Changes By
fix Javascript validation doesn't work if a form field is called "name". Fixes VALIDATOR-24. rleland
update rleland
add Validate file extensions for file uploads. Fixes VALIDATOR-152. rleland
add Add Support for hidden fields in javascript validations. Fixes VALIDATOR-183. rleland
update The framework will convert checked exceptions into ValidatorExceptions so any ValidatorException thrown out of the framework indicates a 'system' exception that stops validation processing. If a pluggable validation method throws a ValidatorException it will be rethrown and passed out of the framework. Any other exception from a pluggable validation method is still considered a validation failure rather than a system exception to maintain backwards compatibility. Fixes VALIDATOR-14. dgraham
add Added a more flexible card validation system that doesn't require CreditCardValidator to support every brand of credit card. Fixes VALIDATOR-174. dgraham
update Throw RuntimeException if clone fails instead of InternalError. dgraham
add Added Flags.clear(). dgraham

Release 1.1.1 (alpha) - 2003-12-15

Type Changes By
add to process it. rleland
fix Ignore validation criteria when field is disabled for all field types. rleland
add Add required check for single checkbox. rleland
add Let max/min length also cover passwords fields. Don't use these for checking login pages, only when the user is modifying the password. rleland
add Added Field.getArgs(String) to make it easier to retrieve all of the Args for a given validator. dgraham
fix Modify javascript to honor datapattern option. rleland
add Add ability of required to handle checkboxes, radio, select-one, and select-multiple field types. rleland
add Add ability to use required condition on array types like checkboxes. rleland

Release 1.1.0 (alpha) - 2003-08-26

Type Changes By
update Move Digester rule configuration to XML file and remove ValidatorResourcesInitializer. ValidatorResources now knows how to initialize itself. dgraham
update Clean up scopes of methods and variables. dgraham
update Make Arg system more flexible to allow any number of args in a message. dgraham
update Validate validation.xml files while initializing a Validator to alert developers to configuration errors. dgraham
add methods into reusable objects. These include: CreditCardValidator, EmailValidator, DateValidator, and UrlValidator. dgraham
update dgraham
remove dgraham

Release 1.0.2 - 2003-04-17

Type Changes By
fix GenericValidaor.isEmail bug. Fixes VALIDATOR-93. Thanks to Scott Clasen. turner
fix NPE in Validator.java after upgrading to Struts 1.1b3. Fixes VALIDATOR-94. Thanks to Jeremy Tan. dgraham
fix i18n issue, variant not being picked up by Validator. Fixes VALIDATOR-62. Thanks to Jeremy Tan. turner
fix isEmail accepts Umlauts and other non-ASCII characters. Fixes VALIDATOR-53. Thanks to Thomas Jacob. turner
fix Email address validation incorrectly accepts commas. Fixes VALIDATOR-104. Thanks to Erik Hatcher. dgraham
fix unknown host when loading app. Fixes VALIDATOR-36. Thanks to Didier Romelot. dgraham

Release 1.0.1 - 2002-12-16

Type Changes By
fix Serialization problem with org.apache.commons.validator.ValidatorResult$ResultStatus. Fixes VALIDATOR-84. Thanks to Pierre Chardin. martinc
fix ValidatorResources.get-method not working properly. Fixes VALIDATOR-68. Thanks to Bjorn-H. Moritz. turner

Release 1.0 - 2002-11-01

Type Changes By
add First Release.