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Commons BeanUtils can be built using Maven 3 (Recommended: Maven 3.3) and JDK 6 / OpenJDK 6 or later (recommended: JDK 8).

Further details can be found in the commons build instructions.

Maven 3 Goals

Build using Maven 3 is the preferred build method. The compiled BeanUtils JAR should work with Java 6 or later.

To build target/commons-beanutils-*.jar

        mvn clean package

or to install into your ~/.m2/repository

        mvn clean install

You can skip the unit tests by adding the parameter -DskipTests=true

To regenerate the web site (corresponding to https://commons.apache.org/proper/commons-beanutils/)

        mvn clean site

Note: the Apache Commons BeanUtils site should include a japicmp report for the purpose of checking API version compatibility; to enable this, use Java 7 or later and run instead:

        mvn clean package site -Pjapicmp