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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
BEANUTILS-506 Building with Oracle Java 9.0.1 causes unit tests to fail. Bug Fixed Resolved
BEANUTILS-491 Tests fail on Oracle and IBM Java 8 Bug Fixed Resolved
BEANUTILS-442 Bean / Property Utils Broken Link Bug Fixed Resolved
BEANUTILS-165 Cache Bug in the PropertyUtils.java line 889 Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-164 populate method doesn't work for an indexed setter for arrays Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-161 StringArrayConvertor does not convert int[] to String[] Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-151 Combined property access ( b.mapped(bar/foo) ) throws excception Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-150 RowSetDynaClass hardcodes BasicDynaBean Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-148 minor typo in overview doc Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-147 [beanutils][PATCH] LICENSE.txt: acknowledgement(s) typo Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-146 [bean] DateLocaleConverter is not thread-safe Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-145 Can't use . (dot) in mapped properties Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-144 PropertyUtils.setProperty Ignores Property Setter Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-143 BasicDynaBean, BasicDynaClass not serializable Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-141 Mapped properties should work against a collection object as well as method definition only. Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-139 [PATCH] Beanutils package documentation fixes Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-132 ClassConverter @since 1.3 when it should be @since 1.4 Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-131 [beanutils]BigDecimalLocaleConverter seems not working as designed Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-128 MethodUtils getMatchingAccessibleMethod has non-deterministic behavior Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-120 ResultSetDynaClass lowerCase broken Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-114 [beanutils]DateLocaleConverter does NOT return a default value if a conversion error occurs Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-107 ConvertUtils changes long standing default conversions from null to zero Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-105 NullPointerException in BeanUtils.java when submission of form with <select> results in ...&bla=&... Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-99 ResultSetDynaClass misspelled ResutSetDynaClass Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-89 Fix for ConvertUtils.deregister(Class clazz) Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-85 ConvertUtils.convert does not support zero-length arrays Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-84 BeanUtils.populate() throws IllegalArgumentException when setting indexed property as array. Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-83 BeanUtils.copyProperties goes through wasted processing Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-79 BeanUtils.populate fails with DoubleLocaleConverter on integer values Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-75 Abstract common functionality found in RowSetDynaClass and ResultSetDynaClass Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-74 BeanUtils.cloneBean fails to clone DynaBeans Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-71 BeanUtils.setProperty does not work with indexed properties Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-67 [beanutils] Broken link report (three 404s) Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-63 PropertyUtil.getPropertyType() should support MappedPropertyDecriptors Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-62 [beanutils] Converters should really be final? Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-60 [beanutils] PropertyUtils.copyProperties does not copy to DynaBean Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-58 setProperty throws exception on null value Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-57 Wrong method BeanUtils.populate(), so that in struts indexed multiselects not work. Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-56 populate method has mistaken the judgment which uses indexed poperty. Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-53 BeanComparator should handle null property values (?) Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-52 [beanutils] WrapDynaBean misleading error message: Property has no read method Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-51 MappedPropertyDescriptor requires more permissions than necessary Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-50 PropertyUtils.copyProperties don't work if JavaBean orig and DynaBean dest Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-46 Default convertion patterns in LocaleConverUtils do not work Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-45 Bean Utilities: add BeanComparator.equals() Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-32 [bean] DecimalLocaleConverter is not thread-safe Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-29 debug logging turns on exception Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-28 BeanUtils.populate() does not handle nested properties of dynabean Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-27 [beanutils] Excessive exceptions log under security manager Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-26 Missing dependency on FastHashMap is masked Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-15 ConvertUtils.convert(Object) doesn't use registered convertor Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-14 BeanUtils.setProperty doesn't convert primitive wrappers Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-12 ResultSetDynaClass.createDynaProperty uses getColumnName(i).toLowerCase() Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-8 BeanComparator compare method throws ClassCastException regardless of underlying exception Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-5 Missing Test case Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-3 commons-beanutils.jar, debug info line numbers off by factor of 2 Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-2 MethodUtils method compare bug Bug Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-522 Update Apache Commons Collections from 4.3 to 4.4. Improvement Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-428 Bean / Property Utils Provide a BeanIntrospector implementation which supports properties in a fluent API Improvement Fixed Resolved
BEANUTILS-240 [beanutils] Wrapped DynaBean Enhancement Improvement Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-236 Add "y/n" to BooleanConverter Improvement Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-234 limit the number of rows returned by RowSetDynaClass Improvement Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-232 MethodUtils.getMatchingAccessibleMethod throws NullPointerException when parameterTypes is null Improvement Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-231 Add "1/0" to BooleanConverter Improvement Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-225 Can add a method cache in MethodUtils Improvement Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-222 Add ClassConverter to standard converters Improvement Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-216 [beanutils] javadoc of BeanUtilsBean.describe(Object) incomplete Improvement Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-203 [beanutils] LazyDynaBean and LazyDynaClass Improvement Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-195 ConvertUtils is not (thread)safe Improvement Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-190 'lenient' method is loose in 'DateLocaleConverter' Improvement Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-180 java.util.List to be permitted for indexed properties. Improvement Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-174 Mapped properties require getter Improvement Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-170 java.util.List support for getIndexedProperty() Improvement Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-169 Add methods to find and invoke constructor methods Improvement Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-166 speedup for beanutils / array getter Improvement Fixed Closed
BEANUTILS-404 BeanUtils on Git Wish Fixed Resolved
2.0.0 BEANUTILS-505 Add missing serialVersionUID to Serializable classes Bug Fixed Closed
1.9.4, 2.0.0 BEANUTILS-520 Bean / Property Utils BeanUtils2 mitigate CVE-2014-0114 Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0.0 BEANUTILS-517 Update Apache Commons Collections from 4.2 to 4.3 Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0.0 BEANUTILS-515 Update from Java 7 to 8. Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0.0 BEANUTILS-504 Update from Java 6 to 7 Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0.0 BEANUTILS-500 Bean / Property Utils Upgrade from Apache Commons Collections 3 to 4 Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0.0 BEANUTILS-514 Remove deprecated code for 2.0.0 New Feature Fixed Closed
2.0.0 BEANUTILS-512 Add Automatic-Module-Name entry to MANIFEST.MF New Feature Fixed Closed
2.0.0 BEANUTILS-503 Change Java package from org.apache.commons.beanutils to org.apache.commons.beanutils2 Task Fixed Closed
1.9.3 BEANUTILS-496 Bean / Property Utils testGetDescriptorInvalidBoolean fails on Java 9 Bug Fixed Closed
1.9.3 BEANUTILS-495 ConvertUtils & Converters DateConverterTestBase fails on M/d/yy in Java 9 Bug Fixed Closed
1.9.3 BEANUTILS-493 Bean / Property Utils, DynaBean Exception when setting indexed properties: "Default conversion to ArrayList failed" Bug Fixed Closed
1.9.3 BEANUTILS-492 Bean / Property Utils IndexedPropertyDescriptor not supported for List in Java 8 Bug Fixed Closed
1.9.3 BEANUTILS-482 Update commons-collections from 3.2.1 to 3.2.2 Bug Fixed Closed
1.9.3 BEANUTILS-477 Warnings from FluentPropertyBeanIntrospector when creating a CombinedConfiguration from a CombinedConfigurationBuilder Bug Fixed Closed
1.9.3 BEANUTILS-474 Bean / Property Utils FluentPropertyBeanIntrospector does not use the same naming algorithm as DefaultBeanIntrospector Bug Fixed Closed
1.9.3 BEANUTILS-470 ConvertUtils & Converters Precision lost when converting BigDecimal Bug Fixed Closed
1.9.3 BEANUTILS-465 ConvertUtils & Converters Indexed List Setters no longer work Bug Fixed Closed
1.9.3 BEANUTILS-469 Update commons-logging from 1.1.1 to 1.2. Improvement Fixed Closed
1.9.3 BEANUTILS-433 Update dependency from JUnit 3.8.1 to 4.12. Improvement Fixed Closed
1.9.3 BEANUTILS-490 Update Java requirement from Java 5 to 6 Task Fixed Closed
1.9.2 BEANUTILS-458 ConvertUtils & Converters BaseLocaleConverter.checkConversionResult() fails with ConversionException when result is null when it should not Bug Fixed Closed
1.9.2 BEANUTILS-463 Expression Syntax Class loader vulnerability in DefaultResolver Improvement Fixed Closed
1.9.1 BEANUTILS-456 Bean / Property Utils Write methods for PropertyDescriptors created during custom introspection are lost Bug Fixed Closed