Class ConfigurationBuilderEvent

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public class ConfigurationBuilderEvent extends Event

A base event class for events generated by a ConfigurationBuilder.

Configuration builders can trigger a number of different events. All these events are derived from this class. This event base class does not define any additional properties. However, it defines that the event source must be a ConfigurationBuilder.

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    • ANY

      public static final EventType<ConfigurationBuilderEvent> ANY
      The common super type for all events related to configuration builders.
    • RESET

      The specific event type for builder reset events. Events of this type are generated each time the builder's resetResult() method is called.

      The specific event type for configuration request events. Events of this type are generated each time the builder's getConfiguration() method is called (before the managed configuration is actually accessed and the lock is acquired). This gives listeners the opportunity to perform some checks which may invalidate the configuration, e.g. trigger a reload check. Note: A listener must not call the builder's getConfiguration() method - this will cause an infinite loop!
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