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What to download?

In the directory binaries you will find subdirectories containing archives corresponding to your operating system. Only the Windows builds are provided as a zip file.

How do I get the executable?


The Windows archive (e.g. commons-daemon-1.3.4-bin-windows.zip) contains 2 different executables:

  • prunsrv.exe - service application for running applications as services.
  • prunmgr.exe - the GUI manager application used to monitor and configure installed services.
There is only one prunmgr.exe application for all architectures. The prunsrv.exe executable is available in 2 different versions for different architectures. The version in the top-level directory is for 32-bit (x86) architectures. The lower level directories are for AMD/EMT 64-bit systems. Itanium is no longer supported.

The Windows application prunsrv.exe is used to install an application as a service. Once installed, prunmgr.exe can be used to monitor and reconfigure the service. (see procrun for more information). The Windows binary zip archive should be unpacked into the location from which you wish to run it, for example: %ProgramFiles%\Apache Commons Daemon