This package provides various Comparator implementations for Files.


Class Summary
CompositeFileComparator Compare two files using a set of delegate file Comparator.
DefaultFileComparator Compare two files using the default File.compareTo(File) method.
DirectoryFileComparator Compare two files using the File.isDirectory() method.
ExtensionFileComparator Compare the file name extensions for order (see FilenameUtils.getExtension(String)).
LastModifiedFileComparator Compare the last modified date/time of two files for order (see File.lastModified()).
NameFileComparator Compare the names of two files for order (see File.getName()).
PathFileComparator Compare the path of two files for order (see File.getPath()).
SizeFileComparator Compare the length/size of two files for order (see File.length() and FileUtils.sizeOfDirectory(File)).

Package Description

This package provides various Comparator implementations for Files.


All the compartors include convenience utility sort(File...) and sort(List) methods.

For example, to sort the files in a directory by name:

        File[] files = dir.listFiles();

...alternatively you can do this in one line:

        File[] files = NameFileComparator.NAME_COMPARATOR.sort(dir.listFiles());

Composite Comparator

The CompositeFileComparator can be used to compare (and sort lists or arrays of files) by combining a number other comparators.

For example, to sort an array of files by type (i.e. directory or file) and then by name:

        CompositeFileComparator comparator =
                        new CompositeFileComparator(
        File[] files = dir.listFiles();

Singleton Instances (thread-safe)

The Comparator implementations have some convenience singleton(thread-safe) instances ready to use:

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