This package defines utility classes for working with streams, readers, writers and files.


Class Summary
ByteOrderMark Byte Order Mark (BOM) representation - see BOMInputStream.
Charsets Charsets required of every implementation of the Java platform.
CopyUtils Deprecated. Use IOUtils.
DirectoryWalker<T> Abstract class that walks through a directory hierarchy and provides subclasses with convenient hooks to add specific behaviour.
EndianUtils Utility code for dealing with different endian systems.
FileCleaner Deprecated. Use FileCleaningTracker
FileCleaningTracker Keeps track of files awaiting deletion, and deletes them when an associated marker object is reclaimed by the garbage collector.
FileDeleteStrategy Strategy for deleting files.
FilenameUtils General filename and filepath manipulation utilities.
FileSystemUtils General File System utilities.
FileUtils General file manipulation utilities.
HexDump Dumps data in hexadecimal format.
IOCase Enumeration of IO case sensitivity.
IOUtils General IO stream manipulation utilities.
LineIterator An Iterator over the lines in a Reader.

Exception Summary
DirectoryWalker.CancelException CancelException is thrown in DirectoryWalker to cancel the current processing.
FileExistsException Indicates that a file already exists.
IOExceptionWithCause Subclasses IOException with the Throwable constructors missing before Java 6.
TaggedIOException An IOException decorator that adds a serializable tag to the wrapped exception.

Package Description

This package defines utility classes for working with streams, readers, writers and files. The most commonly used classes are described here:

IOUtils is the most frequently used class. It provides operations to read, write, copy and close streams.

FileUtils provides operations based around the JDK File class. These include reading, writing, copying, comparing and deleting.

FilenameUtils provides utilities based on filenames. This utility class manipulates filenames without using File objects. It aims to simplify the transition between Windows and Unix. Before using this class however, you should consider whether you should be using File objects.

FileSystemUtils allows access to the filing system in ways the JDK does not support. At present this allows you to get the free space on a drive.

EndianUtils swaps data between Big-Endian and Little-Endian formats.

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