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Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
JCS-138 Documentation JCS no longer in Snapshot repository listed in documentation for 2.0 Bug Fixed Closed
JCS-112 RemoteCacheServer.logUpdateInfo bug updating put count Bug Fixed Closed
JCS-66 Block Disk Cache Exception Bug Fixed Closed
JCS-60 Indexed Disk Cache Disk cache grows unnecessarily Bug Fixed Closed
JCS-55 Indexed Disk Cache Custom serializaer is not always used Bug Fixed Closed
JCS-40 InetAddress.getLocalHost() ambiguous on Linux systems Bug Fixed Closed
JCS-35 Composite Cache JCS.setConfigFilename() not documented properly Bug Fixed Closed
JCS-28 JDBC Disk Cache Failed to delete Bug Fixed Closed
JCS-21 JCS has inconsistent locking of shared data Bug Fixed Closed
JCS-20 JDBC Disk Cache Clear JDBC region cache Bug Fixed Closed
JCS-18 Documentation spelling mistakes in javadoc Bug Fixed Closed
JCS-15 Indexed Disk Cache Removing entries using a name group does not remove them from the disk cache. Bug Fixed Closed
JCS-14 Threadpool manager will never create bounded queues Bug Fixed Closed
JCS-6 Update Issue Tracking link to point to JIRA Bug Fixed Closed
JCS-5 No SVN tags/branches for versioned binary releases Bug Fixed Closed
JCS-4 Indexed Disk Cache Skip optimization with zero removes Bug Fixed Closed
JCS-2 Composite Cache Items read from disk auxilaries are spooled back to disk. Bug Fixed Closed
JCS-126 JCache allows Closeable for components Improvement Fixed Closed
JCS-50 Composite Cache 3 new memory caches Improvement Fixed Closed
JCS-17 Typo's in javadoc and logging Improvement Fixed Closed
JCS-10 RMI Remote Cache Remote Cache Events Are Lost Between Primary Failure and Failover Connection Improvement Fixed Closed
JCS-59 jcs auxiliary cache memcached New Feature Fixed Closed
jcs-3.0 JCS-181 upgrade from commons httpclient Improvement Fixed Resolved
jcs-2.2.1, jcs-2.3 JCS-183 JCache CDI integration is slow Bug Fixed Resolved
jcs-2.2.1 JCS-190 [JCACHE] listener onExpired callback not always called Bug Fixed Resolved
jcs-2.2.1 JCS-184 Composite Cache Unexpected dispose() in CompositeCacheManager.release() Bug Fixed Resolved
jcs-2.2 JCS-180 CacheInvocationContextImpl NPE if method doesnt have any argument Bug Fixed Resolved
jcs-2.2 JCS-179 RMI Remote Cache org.apache.commons.jcs.auxiliary.remote.server.RemoteCacheServerFactory not able to start server Bug Fixed Resolved
jcs-2.2 JCS-178 client using RemoteCache are not working Bug Fixed Resolved
jcs-2.2 JCS-177 Composite Cache CompositeCacheManager leaks memory if CacheAccess.dipose is called Bug Fixed Resolved
jcs-2.2 JCS-173 cdi integration doesnt find static annotations on interfaces of (java) proxies Improvement Fixed Resolved
jcs-2.1 JCS-174 ClassLoaderAwareCache shouldnt impose the object type to be serializable Bug Fixed Resolved
jcs-2.1 JCS-172 MaxLife element attribute causing cache region to stop responding Bug Fixed Resolved
jcs-2.1 JCS-171 Composite Cache Multiple CacheEventQueue.QProcessor spawned for the same cache region Bug Fixed Resolved
jcs-2.1 JCS-170 [JCache] cache name can make JMX registration fail Bug Fixed Resolved
jcs-2.0 JCS-169 [JCache] Access Expiry not respected Bug Fixed Resolved
jcs-2.0 JCS-168 cdi/nocdi jcache jar doesnt contain the right META-INF/services/javax.enterprise.inject.spi.Extension file Bug Fixed Resolved
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-165 BlockDiskCache partial remove / group remove doesn't work Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-161 Composite Cache dynamic regions leak memory upon dispose due to ShrinkerTask Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-159 Indexed Disk Cache BlockDiskCache overwrites data after loading from disk Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-158 Indexed Disk Cache NullPointerException in IndexedDiskCache.addToRecycleBin(...) Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-157 RMI Remote Cache RemoteCacheFactory ignores host and port configuration on client Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-155 blacklist org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.,org.apache.commons.collections.functors.,org.apache.xalan in our custom ObjectInputStream Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-153 Composite Cache Size based BlockDiskCache data corruption Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-152 hard to override jcache.ccf Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-151 defaults CacheKeyGenerator not respected for default case Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-149 Indexed Disk Cache When reading keys from disk, a StreamCorruptedException happen when custom serialzer applied. Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-146 Indexed Disk Cache IndexedDiskCache: Mismatched memory and disk length (0) for [DED: pos = 63802 len = 9658] during optimization Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-145 Indexed Disk Cache AbstractDiskCacheAttributes logs error, when directory already exists Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-144 Indexed Disk Cache BlockDiskCache hangs on SEVERE: Region [TMS] Failure getting from disk--IOException Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-141 RMI Remote Cache RemoteCacheServerFactory ignores configuration Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-140 JCacheFilter code logic error Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-139 PropertySetter doesn't set Enum properly Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-130 Composite Cache, Indexed Disk Cache, JDBC Disk Cache, RMI Remote Cache, TCP Lateral Cache Simplify management of auxiliary caches Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-116 CompositeCacheManager is thread-hostile Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-96 RMI Remote Cache org.apache.jcs.auxiliary.remote.server.RemoteCacheServerUnitTest#testAddListener_ToAll depends on other test Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-45 Indexed Disk Cache Partial Key removal misses purgatory Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-148 Indexed Disk Cache Unnecessary use of FileChannel.force() in Indexed and Block Disk Caches Improvement Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-142 CDI extension doesn't work if not scanned Improvement Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-124 Documentation Make the code in Step 5 on the JCS overview page a full working class that can compile Improvement Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-78 RemoteCacheStartupServlet can't start with config outside classpath Improvement Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-54 soft reference memory cache Improvement Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-48 JDBC Disk Cache JDBC Disk Auxiliary Cache Configuration -> support JNDI datasource in Appservers Improvement Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-147 Indexed Disk Cache Provide file size limitation for Block Disk Cache and Indexed Disk Cache New Feature Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-2 JCS-125 Composite Cache Make a jar with the 2.0 code available for download Wish Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-136 Indexed Disk Cache OutOfMemoryError when diskcache dispose Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-133 RemoteUtils.getNamingURL does not handle IPv6 numeric addresses properly Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-132 EnsureCDIIsTestedWhenTCKsRunTest fails on Java 1.6 Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-131 AddressUtil.obtainFinalThreeDigitsOfAddressAsString does not allow for IPV6 Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-117 test doesn't work on java > 6 Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-115 JDBCDiskCachePoolAccessManager is thread hostile Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-114 Test failures under Java 7 caused by different order of tests Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-113 Potential NPE in JDBCDiskCache Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-110 Test failure packaging the 2.0-snapshot Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-108 incorrect equivalence judgement in BlockDisk.write(long, byte[]) Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-106 RMI Remote Cache Bad comparison of int with 0x7fffffffffffffffL in RemoteCacheServer.java Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-103 Documentation MaxMemoryIdleTimeSeconds default value is wrongly documented Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-102 Composite Cache JCS.getGroupKeys() always triggers a\ ClassCastException Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-98 Minor patches for tests Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-95 Indexed Disk Cache FileNotFound Exception if region name contains slash Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-91 TCP Lateral Cache JCS fails to properly dispose of the lateral TCP listener thread. If a webapp that uses JCS lateral TCP cache is undeployed, the listener is left hanging with no hope for exit. Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-90 When issuing a shutDown() command, JCS fails to clean up the Queue Processor thread. This can lead to thread leakage in an environment where webapps are hot-deployed and hot-undeployed. Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-89 UDP Discovery fails to report correct IP address to peers for back-connect when InetAddress.getLocalHost() fails to return an externally-visible address (i.e. returns a local address) Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-88 Block cache fails to validate a cache file on startup when it contains elements with more than 2 blocks. Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-86 Documentation Error on site page http://commons.apache.org/jcs/RegionProperties.html Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-82 TCP Lateral Cache Lateral Cache does not work with multiple writes to same object: OOS does not get reset Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-79 Composite Cache NullPointerException: defaultAuxValues in CompositeCacheManager Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-77 Indexed Disk Cache NullPointerException thrown by IndexedDiskCache if IndexedDisk calls fail to initialize Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-74 Indexed Disk Cache Some data may be lost when adding/removing entries with the same key Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-73 Indexed Disk Cache concurrent cache access causes values loss Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-72 TCP Lateral Cache ConcurrentModificationException in .LateralCacheMonitor Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-69 Synchronization Problem in JCSWorker Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-68 RMI Remote Cache Admin.jsp on remote cache server does not broadcast removes - patch Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-67 Indexed Disk Cache Indexed Disk Cache Returns Wrong Data Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-49 Documentation Contradictory documentation on RemoveUponRemotePut default value Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-38 Composite Cache IElementEvent interface in incomplete Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-36 Indexed Disk Cache client count decreased too often in IndexedDiskCacheManager.release Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-33 Composite Cache Element event types ELEMENT_EVENT_EXCEEDED_MAXLIFE_ONREQUEST and ELEMENT_EVENT_EXCEEDED_IDLETIME_ONREQUEST are never created Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-32 Indexed Disk Cache Shutdown hook does not actually save keys to disk Bug Fixed Closed
jcs-2.0-beta-1 JCS-29 TCP Lateral Cache JCS Lateral Cache does not shutdown when CompositeCacheManager.shutDown() called Bug Fixed Closed