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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
LANG-1630 NPE lowerCase and upperCase when locale is null Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-1600 ToStringBuilder behavior for collections changed with 3.11 Bug Fixed Resolved
LANG-1474 lang.* JavaDoc was not updated of isAnyXXX in StringUtils Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-1125 Website No release notes for version 3.4 Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-899 lang.* StringUtils lastIndexOf(String str, char searchChar, int startPos) not working Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-894 The "contributing patches" link on the website is broken Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-876 Javadocs are 404 Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-868 lang.* Javadoc examples for StringUtils#repeat(char,int) have arguments in in reverse order Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-759 lang.* Add Support in SystemUtils for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-549 Need to release the latest code! Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-442 Internal links on User Guide page don't work Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-327 Overview doc for version 2.3 still specifies version 2.2 Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-1636 Add missing boolean[] join method Improvement Fixed Closed
LANG-1632 lang.* Implementation of indexOf Improvement Fixed Closed
LANG-1624 Minor improvement Improvement Fixed Closed
LANG-1623 Add Dependabot config file Improvement Fixed Closed
LANG-1547 Minor improvements Improvement Fixed Closed
LANG-1522 Upgrade Hamcrest v2.2 Improvement Fixed Closed
LANG-1437 Remove redundant if statements in StringUtils.join Improvement Fixed Closed
LANG-1324 lang.* StringUtils and null Improvement Fixed Closed
LANG-495 Possible implementation of max/min using generics Improvement Fixed Closed
LANG-801 lang.* Util for conversion between primitive types New Feature Fixed Closed
LANG-797 lang.* StringEscapeUtils.escapeJson New Feature Fixed Closed
LANG-618 lang.* Add an Assert class to simplify programming. New Feature Fixed Closed
LANG-485 lang.* StringUtils/WordUtils camelize - underscore functionality New Feature Fixed Closed
LANG-525 General Apply patches from 3.0 to 2.5 if a 2.5 release happens Task Fixed Closed
LANG-392 Improve javadoc samples Task Fixed Closed
LANG-1325 Increase test coverage of ToStringBuilder class to 100% Test Fixed Resolved
LANG-852 lang.time.* Insufficient datetime pattern in FastDateParserTest Test Fixed Closed
LANG-1471 Commons-lang support for containerization? Wish Fixed Closed
LANG-465 Better advertizing of utils Wish Fixed Closed
3.12 LANG-1637 FastDatePrinter formatting using YY pattern yields junk digits Bug Fixed Closed
3.12 LANG-1631 lang.* Add short circuits in CharSequenceUtils if a character is not defined Bug Fixed Resolved
3.12 LANG-1628 lang.* Javadoc for RandomStringUtils.random() letters, numbers parameters is wrong Bug Fixed Resolved
3.12 LANG-1615 ArrayUtils contains() and indexOf() fails to handle Float.NaN Bug Fixed Resolved
3.12 LANG-1613 lang.math.* BigDecimal is created when you pass it the min or max values of Double Bug Fixed Closed
3.12 LANG-1612 lang.reflect.* testGetAllFields and testGetFieldsWithAnnotation sometimes fail Bug Fixed Resolved
3.12 LANG-1610 lang.* StringUtils.unwrap throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException Bug Fixed Resolved
3.12 LANG-1608 General Tests are not executed Bug Fixed Resolved
3.12 LANG-1606 lang.* StringUtils.countMatches returns incorrect value while handling intersecting substrings Bug Fixed Resolved
3.12 LANG-1596 lang.* ArrayUtils.toPrimitive(Object) does not support boolean and other types Bug Fixed Closed
3.12 LANG-1592 lang.* The random number generated by RandomUtils exceeds the exclusive parameter Bug Fixed Resolved
3.12 LANG-1544 lang.reflect.* MethodUtils.invokeMethod NullPointerException in case of null in args list Bug Fixed Resolved
3.12 LANG-1541 lang.* ArrayUtils.contains() fails to handle Double.NaN Bug Fixed Resolved
3.12 LANG-1420 lang.reflect.* TypeUtils.isAssignable returns wrong result for GenericArrayType and ParameterizedType Bug Fixed Resolved
3.12 LANG-1626 lang.*, lang.time.* Correction in Javadoc of some methods Improvement Fixed Closed
3.12 LANG-1622 lang.* Javadoc of some methods incorrectly refers to another method Improvement Fixed Closed
3.12 LANG-1620 Refine StringUtils.lastIndexOfIgnoreCase Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.12 LANG-1619 Refine StringUtils.abbreviate Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.12 LANG-1618 lang.reflect.* TypeUtils. containsTypeVariables does not support GenericArrayType Improvement Fixed Closed
3.12 LANG-1591 lang.math.* Remove redudant argument from substring call Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.12 LANG-1359 lang.time.* Add StopWatch.getStopTime() Improvement Fixed Closed
3.12 LANG-1535 lang.* Add containsAnyIgnoreCase() function to StringUtils. New Feature Fixed Resolved
3.11 LANG-1567 lang.builder.* Fix Javadocs for EqualsBuilder#setTestRecursive() Bug Fixed Resolved
3.11 LANG-1546 remove <encoding> and <docEncoding> and use inherited values from commons-parent Bug Fixed Resolved
3.11 LANG-1545 CharSequenceUtils.regionMatches is wrong dealing with Georgian. Bug Fixed Resolved
3.11 LANG-1543 lang.* [JSON string for maps] ToStringBuilder.reflectionToString doesnt render nested maps correctly. Bug Fixed Closed
3.11 LANG-1542 lang.* ToStringBuilder.reflectionToString - Wrong JSON format when object has a List/Array of Enum Bug Fixed Resolved
3.11 LANG-1528 lang.* replaceEachRepeatedly gives IllegalStateException Bug Fixed Resolved
3.11 LANG-1514 lang.reflect.* Test may fail due to a different iteration order Bug Fixed Closed
3.11 LANG-1570 lang.* Add JavaVersion enum constants for Java 14 and 15 Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.11 LANG-1550 lang.* Method ArrayUtils::isArrayIndexValid not optimized. Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.11 LANG-1537 lang.* Simplify a null check in the private replaceEach() method of StringUtils Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.11 LANG-1534 lang.* Replace some usages of the ternary operator with calls to Math.max() and Math.min() in StringUtils. Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.11 LANG-1421 lang.* Add anyNull(Object ...) to ObjectUtils Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.11 LANG-1569 Add ArrayUtils.get(T[], index, T) to provide an out-of-bounds default value New Feature Fixed Resolved
3.11 LANG-1568 Add to Functions: FailableBooleanSupplier, FailableIntSupplier, FailableLongSupplier, FailableDoubleSupplier, and so on New Feature Fixed Resolved
3.11 LANG-1539 lang.* Add allNull() and anyNull() functions to ObjectUtils. New Feature Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1518 lang.reflect.* MethodUtils.getAnnotation() with searchSupers = true does not work if super is generic Bug Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1501 lang.builder.* Test may fail due to a different order of fields returned by reflection API Bug Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1500 lang.builder.* Test may fail due to a different order of fields returned by reflection API Bug Fixed Closed
3.10 LANG-1480 lang.* ClassUtils. getAbbreviatedName(String ,int) returns too long result Bug Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1477 lang.* Implement castToXXX in Functions class Bug Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1476 lang.* Use synchronise on a set created with Collections.synchronizedSet before iterating Bug Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1475 lang.* StringUtils.unwrap incorrect throw StringIndexOutOfBoundsException Bug Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1463 lang.* StringUtils abbreviate returns String of length greater than maxWidth Bug Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1460 Website Trivial: year of release for 3.9 says 2018, should be 2019 Bug Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1453 lang.text.* StringUtils.removeIgnoreCase("İa", "a") throws IndexOutOfBoundsException Bug Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1450 Maven deploy doesn’t generate javadoc jar Bug Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1433 lang.reflect.* MethodUtils will throw a NPE if invokeMethod() is called for a var-args method Bug Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1426 JavaDoc issue on StringUtils.truncate Bug Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1406 lang.* StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in StringUtils.replaceIgnoreCase() Bug Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1529 lang.* Deprecate org.apache.commons.lang3.ArrayUtils.removeAllOccurences(*) for org.apache.commons.lang3.ArrayUtils.removeAllOccurrences(*) Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1527 lang.math.* NumberUtils.createBigDecimal has a redundant argument check Improvement Fixed Closed
3.10 LANG-1526 Add 1 and 0 in toBooleanObject(final String str) #502 Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1525 Internally use Validate.notNull(foo, ...) instead of Validate.isTrue(foo != null, ...) Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1523 lang.* Avoid unnecessary allocation in StringUtils.wrapIfMissing Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1516 lang.exception.* Fix generics in API signatures of ExceptionUtils Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1512 Add IS_JAVA_14 and IS_JAVA_15 to org.apache.commons.lang3.SystemUtils Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1510 Add org.apache.commons.lang3.arch.Processor.Arch.getLabel() Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1503 lang.tuple.* Add factory methods to Pair classes with Map.Entry input Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1495 Add EnumUtils getEnum() methods with default values Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1486 lang.builder.* Generify builder classes Diffable, DiffBuilder, and DiffResult Improvement Fixed Closed
3.10 LANG-1177 Improve indexOf performance when called multiple times Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1513 lang.* ObjectUtils: Get first non-null supplier value New Feature Fixed Closed
3.10 LANG-1509 Add ObjectToStringComparator New Feature Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1508 Add SystemUtils.getUserName() New Feature Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1507 Add ComparableUtils #398 New Feature Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1506 lang.time.* Allow a StopWatch to carry an optional message. New Feature Fixed Resolved
3.10 LANG-1505 lang.time.* Add StopWatch convenience APIs to format times and create a simple instance. New Feature Fixed Resolved