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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
COMMONSRDF-19 Commons RDF implementations web page Task Fixed Resolved
COMMONSRDF-1 IP Clearance for CommonsRDF (incubating) code base Task Fixed Closed
1.0.0 COMMONSRDF-57 jena, jsonld-java, rdf4j Use newer dependency Jena/RDF4J/JSONLD Java Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 COMMONSRDF-55 jena Stream of Jena quads use wrong IRI for default graph Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 COMMONSRDF-52 api, jena, jsonld-java, rdf4j, simple Duplicate Bundle-SymbolicName values across all components Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 COMMONSRDF-51 api RDF-1.1 specifies that language tags need to be compared using lower-case Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 COMMONSRDF-54 rdf4j overloaded versions of RDF4J#asRDFTerm(org.eclipse.rdf4j.model.Value) Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 COMMONSRDF-53 jena, jsonld-java, rdf4j, simple Add ServiceLoader support in OSGi Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.3.0 COMMONSRDF-56 jsonld-java JSON-LD Literals wrongly compare equal Bug Fixed Resolved
0.3.0 COMMONSRDF-46 api Rename RDFTermFactory to RDF Bug Fixed Resolved
0.3.0 COMMONSRDF-38 simple Graph.contains(Triple) does not map bnodes consistently Bug Fixed Resolved
0.3.0 COMMONSRDF-7 api Document that RDFTerm, Triple and Quad are immutable Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.3.0 COMMONSRDF-39 Add RDFParser interface (experimental) New Feature Fixed Resolved
0.3.0 COMMONSRDF-37 Quad and Dataset support New Feature Fixed Resolved
0.3.0 COMMONSRDF-36 jsonld-java integration New Feature Fixed Resolved
0.3.0 COMMONSRDF-35 rdf4j integration New Feature Fixed Resolved
0.3.0 COMMONSRDF-33 Jena integration New Feature Fixed Resolved
0.2.0 COMMONSRDF-25 Remove mentions of "local scope" in .equals() Bug Fixed Closed
0.2.0 COMMONSRDF-28 Add internal SimpleRDFTerm marker interface Improvement Fixed Closed
0.2.0 COMMONSRDF-27 Don't require BlankNode mapping in RDFTermFactory.createBlankNode() Improvement Fixed Closed
0.2.0 COMMONSRDF-21 Remove BlankNode requirements from RDFTermFactory.createGraph() Improvement Fixed Closed
0.2.0 COMMONSRDF-14 Define value returned by hashCode() Improvement Fixed Closed
0.2.0 COMMONSRDF-26 Add RDFSyntax constants (e.g. TURTLE) New Feature Fixed Closed
0.2.0 COMMONSRDF-20 Provide a mechanism for allowing the load of different RDF Term Factories New Feature Fixed Closed
0.1.0 COMMONSRDF-16 Sketch versioning scheme Bug Fixed Closed
0.1.0 COMMONSRDF-8 simple .GraphImpl.add() must clone BlankNode Bug Fixed Closed
0.1.0 COMMONSRDF-29 Rename BlankNode.internalIdentifier() to BlankNode.uniqueReference() Improvement Fixed Closed
0.1.0 COMMONSRDF-18 Remove mycila license-plugin from build Improvement Fixed Closed
0.1.0 COMMONSRDF-9 Bootstrap Commons site build Improvement Fixed Closed
0.1.0 COMMONSRDF-6 Contract around the internal string of a blank node Improvement Fixed Closed
0.1.0 COMMONSRDF-3 Implement Apache RAT Plugin Improvement Fixed Closed
0.1.0 COMMONSRDF-31 Add RDFTermFactory New Feature Fixed Closed
0.1.0 COMMONSRDF-30 Add "simple" implementation and unit tests New Feature Fixed Closed
0.1.0 COMMONSRDF-12 Graph to be Iterable New Feature Fixed Closed
0.1.0 COMMONSRDF-2 Initial refactoring Task Fixed Closed