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Rat (Release Audit Tool) results

The following document contains the results of Rat (Release Audit Tool).

Generated at: 2018-02-13T01:35:41+00:00

Notes: 3
Binaries: 4
Archives: 0
Standards: 28

Apache Licensed: 27
Generated Documents: 0

JavaDocs are generated, thus a license header is optional.
Generated files do not require license headers.

1 Unknown Licenses


Files with unapproved licenses:



  Files with Apache License headers will be marked AL
  Binary files (which do not require any license headers) will be marked B
  Compressed archives will be marked A
  Notices, licenses etc. will be marked N
  AL    commons-rdf-examples/src/example/IntroToRDF.java
  AL    commons-rdf-examples/src/example/IntroToRDFTest.java
  AL    commons-rdf-examples/src/example/UserGuideTest.java
  AL    commons-rdf-examples/README.md
  AL    commons-rdf-examples/pom.xml
  AL    SITE.md
  N     NOTICE
  AL    src/assembly/src.xml
  AL    src/changes/changes.xml
  AL    src/conf/findbugs-exclude-filter.xml
  AL    src/conf/checkstyle-suppressions.xml
  AL    src/conf/pmd.xml
  AL    src/conf/checkstyle.xml
  AL    src/site/markdown/contributing.md
  AL    src/site/markdown/introduction.md
  AL    src/site/markdown/implementations.md
  AL    src/site/markdown/userguide.md
  AL    src/site/markdown/index.md
  AL    src/site/markdown/download.md
  AL    src/site/site.xml
  AL    src/site/resources/images/rdf-01.svg
  B     src/site/resources/images/commonsrdf-logo.xcf
  B     src/site/resources/images/class-diagram.png
  B     src/site/resources/images/apache-incubator-logo.png
  AL    src/site/resources/images/class-diagram.nomnoml
  B     src/site/resources/images/commonsrdf-logo.png
  AL    src/site/resources/images/rdf-02.svg
  AL    README.md
  AL    LICENSE-header.txt
  AL    pom.xml
 !????? .github/PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md

 Printing headers for text files without a valid license header...
== File: .github/PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md
Be sure to do all of the following to help us incorporate your contribution quickly and easily:

 - [ ] Make sure the PR title is formatted like: `COMMONSRDF-XXX: title of pull request`
   (replace `XXX` in the title with the actual Jira issue number; if there is no one,
   please [create one](https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/COMMONSRDF) before).
 - [ ] Make sure tests pass via mvn clean verify (even better, enable Travis-CI on your
   fork and ensure the whole test suite passes).
 - [ ] If this contribution is large, please file an 
   [Apache's Individual Contributor License Agreement](https://www.apache.org/licenses/icla.txt).