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Commons SCXML Guide

This is a collection of notes about all things Commons SCXML, a scratch pad of sorts, aimed at noting down usages for the frequently needed bits of Commons SCXML and some related and interesting (to some of us) tidbits.


State Chart XML (SCXML) is a general-purpose event-based state machine language that can be used in many ways.

Trying out Commons SCXML

Contains notes about trying Commons SCXML and testing SCXML documents.

Core API

Contains notes about the core Commons SCXML APIs.

The first set of notes walks through the most common usage pattern, end-to-end.

Advanced API

Contains notes about Commons SCXML APIs for extending or altering document semantics.

  • Custom actions - Adding custom actions to the Commons SCXML object model.
  • Custom semantics - Changing the default semantics of the Commons SCXML engine for specialized uses.


Contains notes about non-primary uses for Commons SCXML.