Interface CheckDigit

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ABANumberCheckDigit, CASNumberCheckDigit, CUSIPCheckDigit, EAN13CheckDigit, ECNumberCheckDigit, IBANCheckDigit, ISBN10CheckDigit, ISBNCheckDigit, ISINCheckDigit, ISSNCheckDigit, LuhnCheckDigit, ModulusCheckDigit, ModulusTenCheckDigit, SedolCheckDigit, VerhoeffCheckDigit

public interface CheckDigit
Check Digit calculation and validation.

The logic for validating check digits has previously been embedded within the logic for specific code validation, which includes other validations such as verifying the format or length of a code. CheckDigit provides for separating out the check digit calculation logic enabling it to be more easily tested and reused.

Although Commons Validator is primarily concerned with validation, CheckDigit also defines behavior for calculating/generating check digits, since it makes sense that users will want to (re-)use the same logic for both. The ISBNValidator makes specific use of this feature by providing the facility to validate ISBN-10 codes and then convert them to the new ISBN-13 standard.

CheckDigit is used by the new generic CodeValidator implementation.


See the Package Summary for a full list of implementations provided within Commons Validator.
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  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Calculates the Check Digit for a code.
    Validates the check digit for the code.
  • Method Details

    • calculate

      Calculates the Check Digit for a code.
      code - The code to calculate the Check Digit for. The string must not include the check digit
      The calculated Check Digit
      CheckDigitException - if an error occurs.
    • isValid

      boolean isValid(String code)
      Validates the check digit for the code.
      code - The code to validate, the string must include the check digit.
      true if the check digit is valid, otherwise false.