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Apache Commons Weaver Antlib

Provides an Antlib in the antlib:org.apache.commons.weaver.ant namespace, consisting of the following tasks:


Invokes available Cleaner implementations.


Invokes available Weaver implementations.

Both the weave and clean tasks are parameterized either by nesting or by reference (via the settingsref attribute) with a custom type:


  • target attribute - specifies the location of the classfiles to weave
  • classpath attribute - path string (incompatible with classpathref)
  • classpathref attribute - refid of an Ant path (incompatible with classpath)
  • includesystemclasspath - specifies whether to include the system classpath
  • nested propertyset - Ant PropertySet
  • nested properties - specifies properties using the names and text values of nested elements (looks like Maven POM properties)