JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
SANDBOX-433 BeanUtils2 [BeanUtils2] Setting properties or calling methods very often results in a NullPointerException Bug Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-431 BeanUtils2 [BeanUtils2] Add FindBugs report to pom.xml Bug Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-430 BeanUtils2 [BeanUtils2] Change getMapped(String).withKey(String) to getMapped(String).of(String) Bug Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-421 BeanUtils2 [BeanUtils2] Make sure VoidMethodsTestCase uses a NullBeanAcessor Bug Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-391 Graph removeEdge method: missing implementation Bug Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-388 Graph Generic Type inference doesn't work in Eclipse Bug Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-381 Graph [Graph] Unused class GraphColoringBacktraking Bug Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-374 Graph Kruskal's algorithm doesn't accept sparse graph Bug Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-368 Graph [graph] change Dijkstra MST api for accept also Undirect Graph Bug Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-342 Functor Update status url in maven site.xml Bug Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-337 Graph Wrong value for Vertex degree Bug Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-336 Graph [Graph] Duplicate Edge Bug Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-334 Graph [Graph] Bad coloring for crawn graph Bug Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-318 Javaflow AsmClassTransformer generates wrong bytecode when constructor invocation exist Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-314 Javaflow ContinuationClassLoader does not close output stream in getClassFromStream(InputStream,String) Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-290 Javaflow [javaflow] Ant task terminates with org.apache.bcel.verifier.exc.AssertionViolatedException Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-277 Javaflow [javaflow] Uninitialized local variable related bug Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-275 Functor Functor doesn't compile under JDK 1.6 Bug Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-260 Javaflow ASM bytecode transformation let verification from JVM fail for some method (-signatures) Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-255 Javaflow [javaflow] synchronized(obj) support is missing (locks are not released when suspending resulting in IllegalMonitorExceptions) Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-254 Javaflow [javaflow] wrong expectations in failing junit tests (SimpleTestCase) Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-215 Javaflow [javaflow] Possible null pointer dereference in method doTransform of class BcelClassTransformer Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-214 Javaflow [javaflow] FileOutputStream is not closed Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-213 Javaflow [javaflow] In class 'Stack' a non serializable object (Runnable) is written to ObjectOutput Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-212 Javaflow [javaflow] Non-transient non-serializable instance field in serializable class (Stack) Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-211 Javaflow [javaflow] jars are missing in svn repository Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-191 Javaflow Fix to POM to allow builds. Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-177 OpenPGP close stream when creating a signature Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-154 Finder [io] FileFinder.find() doesn't work correctly with Finder.TIME option Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-111 Javaflow [javaflow] JavaFlow throws VerifyError when using .class in code Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-104 Pipeline [pipeline] Multiple improvements & bugfixes Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-89 General [PATCH] Add HiveMind to list of sandbox components Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-83 Id [id] JUnit Tests failing because of Commons/Codec Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-50 Pipeline [pipeline] Fix for missing project.xml dependency, removal of unnecessary class Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-43 Pipeline [pipeline][PATCH] Fixes for hunk failures in bug #35667 Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-23 Id [id] NodeManagerImpl init only loads one node Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-14 Id [id] navigation xml entity reference Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-11 Id [id] uuid package html Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-5 Pipeline [pipeline] Documentation fixes Bug Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-459 OpenPGP Update to Bouncycastle 1.49 Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-437 upgrade sandbox-parent to commons-parent-27 Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-436 BeanUtils2 [BeanUtils2] Implement BeanAccessor.getMapped Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-427 BeanUtils2 [BeanUtils2] Suppress m2e plugin life cycle mapping errors Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-426 BeanUtils2 [BeanUtils2] Add Cobertura Test Coverage Report to build Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-419 BeanUtils2 [BeanUtils2] Implement setIndexed(String propertyName) on DefaultBeanAccessor Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-418 Javaflow Support for Java 7 using ASM 4.0 Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-416 Graph Improve DFS/BFS visit detecting multiple states and related actions instead of just stop/continue Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-405 BeanUtils2 [BeanUtils2] Implement copyPropertiesTo(T target) on DefaultBeanAccessor Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-401 BeanUtils2 [BeanUtils2] Performance improvement: store hash code of AccessibleObjectDescriptor as member variable Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-399 BeanUtils2 [BeanUtils2] Handle methods that return void separatly Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-396 BeanUtils2 [BeanUtils2] Implement clone() on DefaultBeanAccessor Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-395 Graph Correct names for classes and variables related to operations on weights Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-394 Graph Add containsEdge ad containsVertex into Graph interface Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-390 BeanUtils2 [BeanUtils2] Make sure that the internal package does not get exported when packaging as OSGi bundle Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-389 BeanUtils2 [BeanUtils2] Implement populate() on DefaultBeanAccessor Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-387 BeanUtils2 [BeanUtils2] Implement possibility to find out if a property readable and/or wirtable Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-386 Graph Make Graph components Serializable Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-385 Graph Provide Edmonds-Karp algorithm Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-379 BeanUtils2 [BeanUtils2] Implement describe() on DefaultBeanAccessor Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-377 BeanUtils2 [BeanUtils2] Implement invoke(Exact)Method(...) on DefaultBeanAccessor Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-376 BeanUtils2 [BeanUtils2] Extract magic numbers in AccessibleObjectsRegistry.getObjectTransformationCosts(...) to constants Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-372 Graph Make the org.apache.commons.graph.visit.GraphVisitHandler able to return objects Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-371 BeanUtils2 [BeanUtils2] Make sure that a property is readable in DefaultBeanAccessor.getProperty( String name ) Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-370 Graph GraphML format exporter Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-369 BeanUtils2 Move logic for type compatibility checking from AccessibleObjectsRegistry to TypeUtils Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-367 Graph Move base implementations from test to main Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-365 BeanUtils2 Extend Assertions for checking null references in arrays Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-364 Graph Adding generic weight type to model Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-363 BeanUtils2 Check if value is of the correct type in Argument.argument( Class<T> type, V value ) Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-360 BeanUtils2 Rename Converter<T, S> to Transformer<T, S> Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-358 Graph Early return/termination for graph visit Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-356 Graph Generic weight types and algorithms implementations based on wighted graphes Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-346 Graph DotExporter only exports weights that extend Number Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-345 Graph Weighted as an interface with generic weight type Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-344 Graph No WeightedGraph in current method signatures Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-338 Graph [Graph Coloring] Generic iterable set of color Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-335 Graph [Graph] Graph Coloring: Backtracking algorithm Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-333 Graph Graph coloring implementation Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-332 Graph [graph] add FloydWarshall algorithm implementation Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-271 Pipeline Synchronization and serialization changes from Kris Improvement Fixed Resolved
SANDBOX-266 Pipeline Provide an introductory level documentation Improvement Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-253 Javaflow [javaflow] Fix pom dependencies (update asm to latest 2.x and fix jci to a non-snapshot) Improvement Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-230 add a variation of Algorithms.recurse() that allows the client to specify the continuing function type Improvement Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-229 Improve method signature consistency amongst static utlity methods in adapters subpackage Improvement Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-228 Composite utility class has inconsistent method signatures Improvement Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-227 Constant(boolean) constructor unnecessarily instantiates a new Boolean object on every invocation Improvement Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-226 Functor Synchronize (Offset|Limit).test() Improvement Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-224 Functor [functor] Parent interface for all functors Improvement Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-162 Javaflow deprecate ant task attribute "dstdir" in favor of "destdir" Improvement Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-159 Finder [finder] Make FileFilter implementations public classes in their own package. Improvement Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-157 Finder Extend java.util.Event* classes Improvement Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-156 Finder [io]faster FileFinder Improvement Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-146 Id [id] New string identifier generators, PrefixedNumericGenerator &c. Improvement Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-142 Id [id] Change UUID referenced to RFC 4122 Improvement Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-141 Id [id] UUID class and test for review Improvement Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-138 Id [id] id-alt zip of project for review Improvement Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-137 Id [id] UUID should include the offending UUID value when throwing UUIDFormatException Improvement Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-136 Id [id] minor cleanup and uuid factory method and added to IdUtils Improvement Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-133 Pipeline [pipeline] Numerous changes and updates for Java 1.5 Improvement Fixed Closed
SANDBOX-131 Id [id] more minor cleanup Improvement Fixed Closed