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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
CLI-232 CLI-1.x Download link gives HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden Bug Fixed Resolved
CLI-198 Documentation Download links for CLI 1.2 binaries are broken Bug Fixed Resolved
CLI-146 SVN repository link incorrect / related to TLP change Bug Fixed Closed
CLI-139 CLI-1.x, CLI-2.x Broken Links on the Web-Site Bug Fixed Closed
CLI-128 Remove Commons-logging from CLI's pom.xml Bug Fixed Closed
avalon-1.0 CLI-104 [CLI] Avalon Excalibur CLI package with bugfixes Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-171 CLI-2.x, Documentation Typo in ant documentation, more logical example code Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-159 CLI-2.x The required property for the child groups of a group should be more consistent Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-158 CLI-2.x deafult arguments only works if no arguments are submitted Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-150 CLI-2.x, Parser Negative numbers mistaken for options Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-145 CLI-2.x ArgumentBuilder.withMaximum causes parse errors: Unexpeced <value> while processing options Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-144 CLI-2.x adding a FileValidator results in ClassCastException in parser.parseAndHelp(args) Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-143 CLI-2.x Put CLI 2.x into Maven repository Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-127 CLI-2.x Date validation tests are locale dependent Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-123 CLI-2.x the minimum and maximum constraints on a group do not take other groups into account Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-121 CLI-2.x Tests fail under 1.6 + error at end that may or may not be related Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-74 CLI-2.x Prefix ignored with DefaultOption Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-72 CLI-2.x support anonymous arguments explicity Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-64 CLI-2.x [cli][PATCH] cli2.commandline.Parser.parseAndHelp need not throw IOException Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-63 CLI-2.x [cli] parser confuses values with similar options Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-62 CLI-2.x Error parsing options a-la Java property option Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-61 CLI-2.x [cli] argument defaults prevent commandline usage. Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-55 CLI-2.x [cli] PatternOptionBuilder does not support required Options Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-52 CLI-2.x Add support for stuff like [target [target2 [target3] ...]] Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-50 CLI-2.x [cli] TestHelpFormatter.testAutomaticUsage unit test failure Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-46 CLI-2.x java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-42 CLI-2.x [PATCH][CLI] Remove dependency on commons-logging Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-41 CLI-2.x, Help formatter HelpFormatter shouldn't throw IOException Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-40 CLI-2.x, Validation DateValidatorTest & FileValidatorTest problems Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-32 CLI-2.x [cli] ant test needs resources copied. Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-31 CLI-2.x readme lists deprecate maven goal and old maven URL Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-30 CLI-2.x [cli] Really strange parsing behaviour Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-25 CLI-2.x [PATCH] [CLI] Default Values for Arguments at definition stage Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-20 CLI-2.x MissingArgumentException: no argument for <option> is thrown when the option's parameter equals to an existing option. Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-19 CLI-2.x [cli] Broken link report (13 404s) Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-17 CLI-2.x Interrogation using switch statement Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-12 CLI-2.x [cli] Not handling property=value followed by 'remaining' args Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-10 CLI-2.x [cli] testNewMessage1Param fails Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-7 CLI-2.x [cli][PATCH] Javadoc warning Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-4 CLI-2.x, Validation Mispelled functions in DateValidator Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-3 CLI-2.x [cli] CLI2 Group Parser skips arguments Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-126 CLI-2.x CLI2 should support multiple property args on command line Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-124 CLI-2.x, Help formatter HelpFormatter should be more cunning when deciding if a Group is Optional and therefore square-bracketing it Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-114 CLI-2.x Multiple Option Occurrences Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-112 CLI-2.x Defaults supplied at interrogation stage Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-108 CLI-2.x the ability to add validate to options that spanned multiple options Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-106 CLI-2.x CommandLine.hasOption type method that takes argument name Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-105 CLI-2.x [cli] Options.getOptions() should return options in the order they were insterted Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-101 CLI-2.x the ability to have long options that only use one hyphen Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-100 CLI-2.x Default Values at Definition Stage Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-99 CLI-2.x [cli] separate definition and values Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-98 CLI-2.x Javadoc crosslinking Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-97 CLI-2.x [patch] small error text patch Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-96 CLI-2.x [cli][PATCH] HelpWriter.printWrapped() should have public access Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-91 CLI-2.x [cli] distinction between required arguments in help formatter Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-89 CLI-2.x All arguments should have ConsumeRemaining behaviour Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-83 CLI-2.x OptionBuilder only has static methods, yet many return an OptionBuilder instance Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-80 CLI-2.x [cli] support validation for one/many values Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-76 CLI-2.x auto usage/help issues Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 CLI-153 CLI-2.x Add svn:eol-style=native Task Fixed Closed
1.5 CLI-282 TypeHandler should throw ParseException for an unsupported class Bug Fixed Closed
1.5 CLI-274 Parser Option parser type EXISTING_FILE_VALUE not check file existing Bug Fixed Resolved
1.5 CLI-294 Update Java from version 5 to 7 Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.5 CLI-279 @param or @return lines should end with a period in CommandLine.java Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.5 CLI-277 Add generics to TypeHandler Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.5 CLI-276 CLI-1.x Adjust access-modifier of checkRequiredOptions() to protected Improvement Fixed Closed
1.5 CLI-271 CLI-1.x CommandLine.getXXX and CommandLine.hasXXX should accept an Option as a parameter Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.4 CLI-266 CLI-1.x, Help formatter HelpFormatter#setOptionComparator(null) doesn't display the values in inserted order Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 CLI-265 CLI-1.x Optional argument picking up next regular option as its argument Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 CLI-269 Build Introduce CommandLine.Builder New Feature Fixed Closed
1.4 CLI-267 Options definition Add an addRequiredOption method to Options New Feature Fixed Closed
1.3.1 CLI-252 Parser LongOpt falsely detected as ambiguous Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-248 Documentation dead links on doc page Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-241 Validation OptionValidator Implementation Does Not Agree With JavaDoc Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-230 CLI-1.x, Options definition Unable to properly require options Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-224 CLI-1.x OptionBuilder only has static methods, yet many return an OptionBuilder instance Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-220 CLI-1.x, Documentation MissingOptionException.getMissingOptions() returns OptionGroup, not just String Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-215 CLI-1.x String as default Option type Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-209 CLI-1.x OptionBuilder is not thread-safe Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-208 Documentation Error in javadoc CLI 1.2 Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-207 Help formatter HelpFormatter strips leading whitespaces in the footer Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-205 Help formatter HelpFormatter.setArgName() has no effect Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-204 Parser NullPointerException with unrecognized default options Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-203 Parser The state of the option groups is not updated by the default options Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-202 Parser Default options are not taken into account for the required options Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-201 Parser Default options may be partially processed Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-200 Documentation particular spelled wrong in Javadoc Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-197 Documentation boolean option in documentation is woorking oposite way documented Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-193 CLI-1.x StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in HelpFormatter.findWrapPos Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-191 Coding error: OptionGroup.setSelected causes java.lang.NullPointerException Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-186 Help formatter Standard help text will not show mandatory arguments for first option Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-185 Parser Commons CLI incorrectly stripping leading and trailing quotes Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-184 Negative arguments should take the priority over numerical options Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-183 Clear the selection from the groups before parsing Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-182 Options definition Unable to select a pure long option in a group Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-161 Parser PosixParser doesn't stop the parsing on "--" tokens following an option with an argument Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-240 PATCH: Clean Up Of Option.java Improvement Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-234 Documentation javadoc for Option.Builder.valueSeparator() Improvement Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-231 CLI-1.x Remove DoubleCheckedLocking from checkstyle configuration Improvement Fixed Closed
1.3 CLI-214 CLI-1.x Option(String, String) constructor not mirrored by Options.addOption Improvement Fixed Closed