Interface BuilderParameters

All Known Subinterfaces:
CombinedBuilderParameters, DatabaseBuilderParameters, FileBasedBuilderParameters, HierarchicalBuilderParameters, INIBuilderParameters, JndiBuilderParameters, MultiFileBuilderParameters, PropertiesBuilderParameters, XMLBuilderParameters
All Known Implementing Classes:
BasicBuilderParameters, CombinedBuilderParametersImpl, DatabaseBuilderParametersImpl, EventListenerParameters, FileBasedBuilderParametersImpl, HierarchicalBuilderParametersImpl, INIBuilderParametersImpl, JndiBuilderParametersImpl, MultiFileBuilderParametersImpl, PropertiesBuilderParametersImpl, XMLBuilderParametersImpl

public interface BuilderParameters

An interface to be implemented by objects which can be used to parameterize a ConfigurationBuilder.

This interface is part of a Java DSL for creating and initializing builders for specific Configuration classes. Concrete implementations typically collect a set of related properties for the builder. There will be specific set methods for providing values for these properties. Then, this interface requires a generic getParameters() method which has to return all property values as a map. When constructing the builder the map is evaluated to define properties of the Configuration objects to be constructed.

  • Field Summary

    Modifier and Type
    static final String
    Constant for a prefix for reserved initialization parameter keys.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Gets a map with all parameters defined by this objects.
  • Field Details


      Constant for a prefix for reserved initialization parameter keys. If a parameter was set whose key starts with this prefix, it is filtered out before the initialization of a newly created result object. This mechanism allows implementing classes to store specific configuration data in the parameters map which does not represent a property value for the result object.
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  • Method Details

    • getParameters

      Gets a map with all parameters defined by this objects. The keys of the map correspond to concrete properties supported by the Configuration implementation class the builder produces. The values are the corresponding property values. The return value must not be null.
      a map with builder parameters