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Release History

Version Date Description
1.2.2 2019-10-04 Bug fix release
1.2.1 2019-09-09 Bug fix release
1.2.0 2019-07-02 Feature and bug fix release
1.1.0 2017-11-15 Feature and bug fix release

Release 1.2.2 – 2019-10-04

Type Changes By
Fix Procrun. Correct a regression in the fix for DAEMON-401 that prevented the service from starting unless support for the universal C runtime had been installed. Fixes DAEMON-408. markt
Update Update Commons-Parent to version 49. markt
Fix Procrun. Fix compiler warnings for unreferenced formal parameters. markt
Fix Procrun. Switch code to use more secure versions of Windows API calls to resolve warnings reported by newer versions of Visual Studio. markt
Fix Correct the source assembly definitions to add README.md, CONTRIBUTING.md and HOWTO-RELEASE.txt, remove references to the deleted Ant build files and exclude the working directories of Windows binary builds. markt

Release 1.2.1 – 2019-09-09

Type Changes By
Fix jsvc. Correct debug log message that reports change in umask. Fixes DAEMON-403. Thanks to Charles. markt
Fix Procrun. Correct a regression in the previous fix for this issue that caused 32-bit services to crash on start-up. Fixes DAEMON-401. Thanks to Norimasa Yamamoto. markt
Fix Procrun. Correct a regression in the fix for DAEMON-391 that caused the GUI to mix-up the WARN and INFO logging levels. Fixes DAEMON-407. markt
Fix Procrun. Expand the search for a valid Java runtime library to include the current JDK home defined in the Windows registry. Fully document the search algorithm used to find the Java runtime library. Fixes DAEMON-404. markt

Release 1.2.0 – 2019-07-02

Type Changes By
Fix Procrun. Add to OPT_LFLAGS rather than overwrite OPT_LFLAGS when setting /OPT:REF in the make file for Windows. Thanks to mturk. markt
Fix Procrun. Only set the global shutdown event if the event is created. Thanks to mturk. markt
Fix Unable to build with Java 9 using ant; dropped Ant build files. Fixes DAEMON-379. sebb
Fix Procrun. prunsrv stopping with error due to hard-coded timeout. Fixes DAEMON-384. Thanks to blassmegod. ggregory
Fix Update config.guess and config.sub. Fixes DAEMON-385. markt
Fix Jsvc. Set the sun.java.command system property when starting via jsvc so that tools like jconsole show something meaningful for the process name. Fixes DAEMON-388. markt
Fix Procrun. Correct the level name used in the GUI for WARN so that changes made via the GUI are recognised. Order the log levels in the drop-down from ERROR to DEBUG. Fixes DAEMON-391. Thanks to Thorsten Schöning. markt
Fix Procrun. Correct reversed code comments for JRE and JDK locations in the registry. Fixes DAEMON-393. Thanks to Daniel Hofmann. ggregory
Fix Procrun. Undefined behaviour in registry.c dwRegKey = dwRegKey++. Fixes DAEMON-392. Thanks to Daniel Hofmann. ggregory
Fix Procrun. Fix a bug that meant a value provided for LibraryPath replaced the value of the PATH environment variable rather than prepended to it. Fixes DAEMON-396. Thanks to Gerwin. markt
Fix Procrun. Ensure that JAVA_HOME/bin is on the path when running in jvm mode so that additional DLLs, such as awt.dll, can be found if required. Fixes DAEMON-396. Thanks to Gerwin. markt
Fix Procrun. Ensure that the java.library.path environment variable is correctly configured when running on a JRE that depends on the Universal CRT. Fixes DAEMON-396. markt
Add Procrun. Log the error code returned if JVM creation fails to aid debugging. markt
Add Harden the Windows binaries against DLL hijacking in the directory where the binaries are located. markt
Fix Procrun. Ensure that environment variables set via prunsrv are visible to native libraries that depend on the Universal CRT. Fixes DAEMON-401. Thanks to Jonathan Gallimore. markt
Add Procrun. Add 'NT Authority\LocalService' and 'NT Authority\NetworkService' as options to the Log On user interface. markt
Update Procrun. Change the default service user from LocalSystem to 'NT Authority\LocalService'. markt
Fix Procrun. Avoid a crash on shutdown if multiple WM_CLOSE messages are received. Fixes DAEMON-402. Thanks to Iode Leroy. markt
Fix Procrun. Ignore blank lines inserted into the Java Options and/or Java 9 Options text areas. This prevents settings after the first blank line from being lost when saved to the registry. Fixes DAEMON-394. markt
Fix Procrun. Remove the code that removed quotes from configured Java and Java 9 Options. Fixes DAEMON-399. markt
Fix Procrun. Ensure that vfprintf is the first parameter passed when using JNI to create the JVM as a workaround for startup error messages not being visible on stdout or stderr. Fixes DAEMON-398. markt
Add Procrun. Add an option to configure the service to use the 'Automatic (Delayed Start)' startup mode. Fixes DAEMON-303. markt
Add Procrun. When running in jre mode, if the standard Java registry entries for JavaHome and RuntimeLib are not present, attempt to use the Procrun JavaHome key to find the runtime library. Fixes DAEMON-329. markt
Add jsvc. Include the full path to the jsvc executable in the debug log. Fixes DAEMON-297. markt
Add jsvc. Improve search for libjli.dylib on MacOS when using custom built OpenJDK binaries. Fixes DAEMON-397. Thanks to Petr Hadraba. markt
Fix Procun. Improve log messages for interactions with the Windows service. Thanks to ggregory. markt
Fix jsvc. Improve mips detection. Thanks to YunQiang Su. markt

Release 1.1.0 – 2017-11-15

Type Changes By
Add Add DEBUG and ERROR logging to help diagnose problems when starting a Windows Service. Fixes DAEMON-368. ggregory
Update Update the minimum Java requirement from version 5 to 6. Fixes DAEMON-371. ggregory
Update Increase minimum Java version to Java 5. markt
Update Add AArch64 support to src/native/unix/support/apsupport.m4. Fixes DAEMON-347. Thanks to Ganesh Raju. ggregory
Fix Compile the Windows binaries with the /DYNAMICBASE and /NXCOMPAT switches. Fixes DAEMON-346. markt
Fix Remove calls to explicit garbage collection during daemon start and stop. Fixes DAEMON-333. markt
Fix Update config.guess and config.sub to add support, amongst others, for the 64-bit PowerPC Little-Endian architecture. Fixes DAEMON-343. markt
Fix Ensure that the PID file on Windows, if used, is readable by other processes. Fixes DAEMON-332. markt
Update Update Commons-Parent to version 41. markt
Fix Update apsupport.m4 add support for 64-bit PowerPC architectures. Fixes DAEMON-358. Thanks to Gustavo Romero. markt
Fix Suppress spurious "The data area passed to a system call is too small" error message in the log when Procrun fails to stop the service. Fixes DAEMON-282. markt
Update Move attributions from @author in Javadocs to POM. Fixes DAEMON-370. Thanks to Amey Jadiye. ggregory
Fix Enable jsvc to start when running on Java 9. Fixes DAEMON-373. markt
Fix Fix a resource leak opening the JVM configuration file. Fixes DAEMON-324. markt
Fix Improve the jsvc code that restarts the process if the JVM crashes so that if the JVM crashes after a signal has been received to shut down jsvc does not attempt to restart the JVM. Fixes DAEMON-339. Thanks to John Wehle. markt
Fix Ensure that the child process is started with the correct umask. Fixes DAEMON-318. Thanks to Markus Schneider. markt
Fix Correct conflicting information for the behaviour of Procrun when using jvm mode. Fixes DAEMON-309. markt
Fix Ensure that, when using Procrun in java or exe mode, the service process waits for the stop process to complete before starting clean-up to avoid a crash in the stop process. Fixes DAEMON-372. Thanks to Sérgio Ozaki. markt
Fix Enable jsvc to find the jvm when running on AIX. Fixes DAEMON-310. Thanks to John Wehle. markt
Fix Ensure that Procrun treats JVM crashes as service failures so the recovery options will apply. Fixes DAEMON-302. markt
Fix Ensure that the //MQ command closes the prunmgr process even if the configuration dialog is open when the //MQ command is used. Fixes DAEMON-312. markt
Fix When looking in the Windows registry for JRE and JDK installation locations, additionally check the registry keys used by IBM provided JREs and JDKs. Do this after checking the keys used by Oracle provided JREs and JDKs. Fixes DAEMON-311. markt
Fix When looking in the Windows registry for JRE and JDK installation locations, additionally check the registry keys used by Oracle provided Java 9 and later JREs and JDKs. Do this after checking the keys used by Oracle provided Java 8 and earlier JREs and JDKs. Fixes DAEMON-376. markt
Fix Add support for Java 9 command line arguments to jsvc. Fixes DAEMON-374. Thanks to Rashmi Ranjan Mohanty. markt
Add Add a restarts options to jsvc to control the number of permitted restarts after a system crash. Fixes DAEMON-334. Thanks to Brett Delle Grazie. markt
Remove Remove support for building Procrun for the Itanium platform. markt
Update Make Windows XP the minimum support target platform. markt
Add Add support to Procrun for separate JVM options for use when running on Java 9 and above. markt
Fix Fix race conditions in PID file handling in jsvc. Fixes DAEMON-377. Thanks to Rustam Abdullaev. markt