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  • Commons Imaging requires Java 1.7 or higher.
  • The questions of porting to J2ME and Android have been raised, but not yet pursued.
  • Commons Imaging has no dependencies.
  • AWT is required. ImageIO is only required to compile and used optionally as a fallback when reading JPEG thumbnails.

Getting Started

  • Download the latest release from the download page.
  • Add the jar to your project's classpath.
  • See our Sample Code for examples.
  • Refer to the project's javadoc
  • Have questions? Subscribe to the commons user mailing list.

Building from the latest Source

There are two steps to building Commons Imaging from the latest source:

  • Check out the latest source from git
  • Build using Maven 2
    • 1. Install the latest version of Maven
    • 2. cd imaging-snapshot (if you are not already in the project directory)
    • 3. mvn -Prc package
    • 4. The build will be in the "target" folder.


Commons Imaging uses the JDK java.util.logging (JUL) classes for logging. You can find out more about JUL in its documentation, or reading the logging API documentation.

  • A more verbose output is available by enabling the log level FINE
  • Information that is useful for debug and troubleshooting is being logged with the FINEST log level
  • Some exceptions that are not re-thrown are being logged with the SEVERE log level
  • Commons Imaging loggers are created using the class name, so you should be able to filter the log output with the class or package names