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Version 1.0

Features we hope to have for the 1.0 release.


  • Android support. Needs AWT to be an optional dependency.
  • Add the ability to use Commons Imaging as an Image I/O plugin.

File formats

  • Improve JPEG read support.
  • Rewrite and fully generalize TIFF parsing to support arbitrary complexity TIFF files instead of just EXIF. Lower level API for reading raw fields and directories, and a higher level API for image structures.
  • Add pluggable TIFF tag sets.
  • Parse some EXIF maker notes.
  • Add a structured way to write IPTC image metadata to JPEG files.
  • Reading all images from .gif files isn't working. see: getAllBufferedImages().
  • Add DNG metadata/image info read. Perhaps some RAW formats as well.
  • Other file formats, eg. WebP.


  • Support reading images incrementally, e.g. page at a time for multi-page TIFFs, to save memory.
  • Provide per-image image info in multi-image formats.
  • More control over writing.
  • Writing multiple images into a file.
  • Add support for more than 8 bits per channel.
  • Add support for reading and writing detailed XMP metadata fields.
  • Add request/hint params to ImageFactory, per Endre's suggestion.
  • Allow user to disable autoconversion to sRGB/Grayscale.
  • More formats should subclass imagemetadata class to include format-specific info i.e. GIF's transparency index.
  • Improve Javadoc and write more FAQs / examples.

Test suite

  • Publish image library (possibly) and links to other libraries.
  • Develop suite of unit tests that only depend on images in the public domain.
  • Share test image suite with comments.