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Rat (Release Audit Tool) results

The following document contains the results of Rat (Release Audit Tool).

Generated at: 2021-03-06T21:01:13-05:00

Notes: 4
Binaries: 2
Archives: 0
Standards: 23

Apache Licensed: 23
Generated Documents: 0

JavaDocs are generated, thus a license header is optional.
Generated files do not require license headers.

0 Unknown Licenses

  Files with Apache License headers will be marked AL
  Binary files (which do not require any license headers) will be marked B
  Compressed archives will be marked A
  Notices, licenses etc. will be marked N
  AL    findbugs-exclude-filter.xml
  AL    checkstyle.properties
  AL    pom.xml
  AL    checkstyle-suppressions.xml
  AL    README.md
  N     NOTICE.txt
  AL    .github/workflows/maven.yml
  AL    .github/dependabot.yml
  AL    checkstyle.xml
  N     BUILDING.txt
  N     LICENSE.txt
  AL    .travis.yml
  AL    src/changes/release-notes.vm
  AL    src/changes/changes.xml
  B     src/site/resources/images/vfs-logo-white.png
  AL    src/site/xdoc/testing.xml
  AL    src/site/xdoc/index.xml
  AL    src/site/xdoc/mail-lists.xml
  AL    src/site/xdoc/build.xml
  AL    src/site/xdoc/download_vfs.xml
  AL    src/site/xdoc/issue-tracking.xml
  AL    src/site/xdoc/api.xml
  AL    src/site/xdoc/anttasks.xml
  AL    src/site/xdoc/filesystems.xml
  AL    src/site/site.xml
  B     src/media/vfs-logo-white.xcf