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Runtime dependencies for Commons Configuration

Commons Configuration requires Java 8 or later.

A lot of dependencies are declared in the Maven POM. These are all needed during compile time. On runtime however you only need to add the dependencies to your classpath that are required by the parts of the Commons Configuration package you are using. The following table helps you to determine which dependencies you have to include based on the components you intend to use:

Component Dependencies
Core commons-lang
Configuration builders commons-beanutils
JSONConfiguration com.fasterxml.jackson.core:jackson-databind
YAMLConfiguration org.yaml:snakeyaml
ConfigurationDynaBean commons-beanutils
XPathExpressionEngine commons-jxpath
CatalogResolver xml-resolver
Web configurations servlet-api
ExprLookup commons-jexl
VFSFileSystem, VFSFileChangedReloadingStrategy commons-vfs
ConfigPropertySource spring-core


  • Commons Configuration makes use of other Commons components. You should be able to use the current versions of these components together with Commons Configuration. In some cases, when no specific features are used, older versions will work, too.
  • See pom.xml for versions used to build and test this version.