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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
IMAGING-196 The 1.0 SNAPSHOT is not available in the repository you reported Bug Fixed Closed
IMAGING-145 Format: JPEG DumpImage method for JPEG reports it's coming from TIFF Bug Fixed Resolved
IMAGING-111 Download links broken on Website Bug Fixed Resolved
IMAGING-66 proposed enhancement reduces load time for some image files by 40 percent Improvement Fixed Closed
IMAGING-153 Site Broken Download Link Task Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-195 Documentation Incorrect Maven coordinates on project website Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-193 Duplicate class names Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-191 BinaryConstant implements Cloneable - why? Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-190 ImageDataReader.decompress() overwrites its input Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-189 parseXpmValuesSection uses && instead of || Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-181 EXIF lens metadata tags missing in Commons Imaging but recognized in exiftool Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-178 Format: PNM PnmImageParser does not check the validity of input PAM header Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-176 Format: TIFF TiffImageParser.getImageInfo() throws exception when "Compression" field is missing Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-172 Format: JPEG Microsoft tags are not seen in MS Windows Properties/Details dialog Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-171 Format: TIFF MicrosoftTagTest rewrite image exif fails in some environments Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-169 Format: PNM PnmImageParser throws NumberFormatException instead of ImageReadException when parsing invalid images Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-144 Format: TIFF TiffOutputSet.setGPSInDegrees should make sure, GPSVersionID is set Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-140 Format: JPEG ExifReWriter always writes EXIF segment before JFIF segment Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-137 Format: TIFF Can not set EXIF_TAG_EXIF_VERSION tag Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-131 Format: PNG PngImageParser#getBufferedImage() doesn't respect ImageParser specification Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-122 Format: PSD PSD Path Information resource type not properly reported Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-121 Null Pointer exception while extracting metadata for CR2 image Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-118 interface RgbeConstants contains mutable array Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-117 Classes should not expose mutable arrays Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-116 GenericSegment.bytes - public mutable array Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-115 DhtSegment class contains mutable public arrays Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-114 ComSegment.comment is a public final byte array Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-113 Cannot read multipage tiff Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-110 Site The requested URL /commons/imaging/binaries/commons-imaging-1.0-bin.zip was not found on this server. Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-109 Several files contain non-UTF8 characters Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-108 Format: JPEG JPEG EOI marker could not be found at expected location Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-107 Format: JPEG sanselan throws a java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException on at least this one .jpg file Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-101 Format: GIF GIF dimensions transposed Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-99 Format: JPEG java.io.IOException: Could not read block Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-95 Format: TIFF Some tiff processing takes very long Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-93 Format: TIFF Tiled TIFF images do not correctly load partial tiles Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-92 Format: JPEG Issue trying to update GPS metadata info in a JPG Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-90 Format: JPEG ClassCastException: [I cannot be cast to java.lang.Number in TiffReader.readDirectory(TiffReader.java:239) and JpegImageParser Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-88 Format: TIFF Method lowerBound in org.apache.commons.imaging.common.itu_t4.T4AndT6Compression has a division error Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-86 Format: TIFF TagInfoAscii Error Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-82 BMP Physical Width in inches and Physical Height in inches is wrong Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-49 ExifRewriter.updateExifMetadataLossless corrupts maker notes Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-48 JpegImageMetadata getEXIFThumbnail may raise a null pointer exception Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-47 Audit and fix resource leaks Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-46 NullPointerException(Sanselan.java:323) Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-45 Format: GIF Bit depth wrongly calculated in GIFFimageparser Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-44 Format: PNG Incorrect reading Physical Width/Height Inch from PNG files Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-43 Format: TIFF TiffReader throws Can't find Rows per strip in case rows per strip is not present Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-42 Format: TIFF Sanselan 0.97 can't read TIFF file without tag "Samples Per Pixel" Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-41 UnicodeMetricsUTF16 redefines constants BYTE_ORDER_BIG_ENDIAN & BYTE_ORDER_LITTLE_ENDIAN Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-40 Software field is missing in Exif TagConstant and Changing the order of reader.getbyteorder in Tiffimage parser Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-39 Format: TIFF Tag reading/writing bugs and new ExifInterface class Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-38 Format: JPEG Incorrect PhysicalWidthDpi for JPEG image with resolution specified in dots per millimeter Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-36 Documentation, Site Broken example links on the web site Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-35 FieldTypeASCII does not conform to the EXIF specification. Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-33 Format: TIFF Incorrect code for tiled TIFF files applyPredictor method Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-31 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException with GIF Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-30 Transparency detection on PNG Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-29 IPTCParser fails after encountering record number 1 Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-24 Fetching GPS Latitude Ref gets Interoperability Index instead of Reference Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-23 JpegXMPWriter throws NullPointerException Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-22 IPTCConstants: final arrays are not immutable Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-21 Bug in Sanselan.getImageInfo(File) with certain JPEGs causing java.lang.OutOfMemoryError or java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-19 Format: TIFF Incorrect reading Physical Width/Height Dpi and Physical Width/Height Inch from TIFF files Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-18 JpegImageMetadata getEXIFThumbnail only works on Jpeg thumbnails stored as Tiff images. Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-17 Format: TIFF Sanselan can't render 48 bit pixel Tiff image (bit per samples ={16,16,16}) Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-16 Writing an ascii TiffOutputField from a TiffConstant tag type fails - fix included with report Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-15 JpegImageMetada fails if exif is null Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-13 Sanselan can be made to crash with an image with wrong data in EXIF header Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-12 Tiff (exif) tags of type double written in wrong byte order Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-11 ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception throwing when get metadata Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-8 Format: TIFF TiffOuput Broken Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-6 Format: PNG, Format: TIFF Incorrect reading TIFF file Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-5 Documentation Broken documentation link on the web site Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-3 ExifRewriteTest. failing in Gump Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-2 SanselanGuessFormatTest & SanselanTestConstants use Java 1.5 method String.replace(CharSequence, CharSequence) Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-186 Format: PNG Add sCAL support to PNG reading and writing Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-156 Format: TIFF Refactor TagConstants Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-150 imaging.color.* Implement equals and hashcode on color classes Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-147 imaging.color.* Add color constants Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-126 Format: PNG, Format: TIFF TIFF and PNG images should not be bigger than the ones created by java ImageIO Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-120 Extract an interface from ImageFormat Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-119 Convert ImageFormat from emulated enum to actual Java 5 enum Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-112 JpegIptcRewriter.removeIPTC() does not remove all metadata Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-91 ByteSourceInputStream.streamLength could be a long Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-81 Documentation Add more Javadoc to main package Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-78 readDirectory method in TiffReader doesn't gracefully handle exceptions that can be thrown from ByteSource implementations Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-77 Format: TIFF Typesafe, high-level API for setting EXIF fields Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-76 Improve ICO file support Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-75 Expose ImageInfo's usesPalette, isTransparent, isProgressive and compressionAlgorithm Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-74 Move Image magic numbers to constants Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-73 Format: TIFF Add method to specify metadata (TiffOutputFields) when a new TIFF file is created Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-71 Add JpegImageMetadata#getEXIFThumbnailData to get thumbnail data. Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-70 Format: TIFF Reduce memory use of TIFF readers Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-69 Streamlined TIFF strip reader reduces load time by a factor of 5 Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-68 Add a field with the raw bytes in org.apache.sanselan.formats.jpeg.iptc.IPTCRecord Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-67 Format: TIFF Improve speed of TIFF Index-Color Palette Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-65 Format: PNG Possibility to set DPI for PNG Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-64 Sanselan cannot read CCITT compressed TIFF files Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 IMAGING-94 Format: TIFF Add ability to load partial TIFF images New Feature Fixed Resolved