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Tag List Report

The following document contains the listing of user tags found in the code. Below is the summary of the occurrences per tag.

Tag Class Total number of occurrences Tag strings used by tag class
Needs Work 66 TODO, FIXME, XXX
Noteable Markers 10 NOTE, NOPMD, NOSONAR

Each tag is detailed below:

Needs Work

Number of occurrences found in the code: 66

org.apache.commons.imaging.ImageParser Line
this doesn't look like we're actually getting all images contained in the given ByteSource... 452
org.apache.commons.imaging.ImagingGuessFormatTest Line
(cmchen): add ability to sniff ICOs if possible. new Object[] { ImageFormat.IMAGE_FORMAT_ICO, ICO_IMAGE_FILE }, 59
(cmchen): add ability to sniff TGAs if possible. new Object[] { ImageFormat.IMAGE_FORMAT_TGA, TGA_IMAGE_FILE }, 68
(cmchen): Add test images for these formats. new Object[] { ImageFormat.IMAGE_FORMAT_PNM, PNM_IMAGE_FILE }, new Object[] { ImageFormat.IMAGE_FORMAT_JBIG2, JBIG2_IMAGE_FILE }, 70
org.apache.commons.imaging.common.BasicCParser Line
replace this by a paraser generated via ANTLR (if we really need it?!) 31
org.apache.commons.imaging.common.RationalNumberTest Line
assert something here, the following will fail for some values. Do we have a bug? assertEquals(0.0, difference, 0.0d); 124
org.apache.commons.imaging.common.bytesource.ByteSourceImageTest Line
not all adapters count images yet. assertTrue(imageInfoFile.getNumberOfImages() > 0); 223
org.apache.commons.imaging.common.itu_t4.BitInputStreamFlexible Line
should be byte order conscious, ie TIFF for reading samples size<8 - shuoldn't that effect their order within byte? 28
org.apache.commons.imaging.common.mylzw.MyBitOutputStream Line
in and out streams CANNOT accurately read/write 32bits at a time, as int will overflow. should have used a long 40
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.bmp.BmpImageParser Line
this should throw UnsupportedOperationException, but RoundtripTest has to be refactored completely before this can be changed 524
comments... 594
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.bmp.BmpReadTest Line
assert more 56
assert more 69
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.dcx.DcxImageParser Line
should throw UOE 80
should throw UOE 87
should throw UOE 94
should throw UOE 101
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.dcx.DcxReadTest Line
assert more 63
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.gif.GifImageParser Line
should throw UOE 499
--No comment-- 833
--No comment-- 958
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.gif.GifReadTest Line
assert more 61
assert more 68
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.icns.IcnsDecoder Line
don't skip these when JPEG 2000 support is added: 230
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.icns.IcnsImageParser Line
should throw UOE 74
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.icns.IcnsReadTest Line
assert more 70
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.ico.IcoImageParser Line
should throw UOE 81
should throw UOE 88
should throw UOE 95
should throw UOE 102
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.ico.IcoReadTest Line
assert more 70
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.jpeg.JpegImageMetadata Line
clone? 108
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.jpeg.JpegImageParser Line
concatenate if multiple segments, need example. 377
inaccurate. 808
comments... 1080
inaccurate. 1094
inaccurate. int ColorType; if (Number_of_components == 1) ColorType = ImageInfo.ColorType.BW; else if (Number_of_components == 3) ColorType = ImageInfo.ColorType.RGB; else if (Number_of_components == 4) ColorType = ImageInfo.ColorType.CMYK; else ColorType = ImageInfo.ColorType.UNKNOWN; 1095
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.jpeg.decoder.JpegDecoder Line
why do images come out too bright with CS_GRAY? colorModel = new ComponentColorModel( ColorSpace.getInstance(ColorSpace.CS_GRAY), false, true, Transparency.OPAQUE, DataBuffer.TYPE_BYTE); raster = colorModel.createCompatibleWritableRaster( sofnSegment.width, sofnSegment.height); 110
optimize 265
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.jpeg.exif.ExifDumpTest Line
assert someting 57
assert more 68
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.jpeg.exif.ExifRewriter Line
add support for multiple segments throw new ImageReadException( "More than one APP1 EXIF segment."); 169
add support for adding, not just replacing. throw new ImageReadException("No APP1 EXIF segment found."); } 187
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.jpeg.exif.GpsTest Line
we should assert something here. 76
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.jpeg.exif.MakerNoteFieldTest Line
assert something 53
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.jpeg.exif.TextFieldTest Line
what else to assert? 56
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.jpeg.exif.WriteExifMetadataExampleTest Line
assert that ExifMetadata has been changed 59
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.jpeg.iptc.IptcBlock Line
make private and provide getter? 25
make private and provide getter? 26
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.jpeg.iptc.IptcParser Line
make sure order right 424
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.png.PngColorType Line
can this be merged with ImageInfo.ColorType? 24
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.png.PngImageParser Line
should this be a clone? 260
I have been too casual about making inner classes subclass of BinaryFileParser I may not have always preserved byte order correctly. 315
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.png.transparencyfilters.TransparencyFilterIndexedColor Line
see below - is this check correct? 32
check for > length cannot be true because of check above 36
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.psd.ImageResourceType Line
Turn into an enum 20
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.psd.PsdImageParser Line
comments... 493
inaccurate. 518
not used private ImageResourceBlock findImageResourceBlock( final List<ImageResourceBlock> blocks, final int ID) { for (int i = 0; i < blocks.size(); i++) { final ImageResourceBlock block = blocks.get(i); 541
for PSD 7 and later, verify "XMP" name. for (int i = 0; i < blocks.size(); i++) { final ImageResourceBlock block = blocks.get(i); if (!block.getName().equals(BLOCK_NAME_XMP)) { continue; } xmpBlocks.add(block); } } else { 746
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.tiff.TiffImageParser Line
wrong 252
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.tiff.TiffLzwTest Line
fails with java.io.IOException: Bad Code: -1 codes: 258 code_size: 9, table: 4096 62
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.tiff.constants.ExifTagConstants Line
other types? 125
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.tiff.constants.MicrosoftHdPhotoTagConstants Line
might be an offset? 191
might be an offset? 200
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.tiff.constants.TiffTagConstants Line
--No comment-- 432

Noteable Markers

Number of occurrences found in the code: 10

org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.jpeg.JpegImageMetadata Line
--No comment-- 150
--No comment-- 151
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.jpeg.JpegImageParser Line
- can't happen 790
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.jpeg.segments.App14Segment Line
- can't happen 39
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.jpeg.segments.ComSegment Line
--No comment-- 45
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.tiff.fieldtypes.FieldTypeAscii Line
--No comment-- 54
--No comment-- 65
org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.tiff.taginfos.TagInfoAscii Line
--No comment-- 52
--No comment-- 63
org.apache.commons.imaging.icc.IccProfileParser Line
we're doing nothing with the data 250